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The above article headlines are just a small sample of the hazing incidents from around the country in 2018. A college marching band. High school football teams. The military. Sororities. Fraternities. Professional sports. A workplace. Small towns. Big cities. East coast. West coast. Middle America. Hazing happens every day, across the United States, in every population. Hazing is tolerated in our culture as we once tolerated drunk driving - frowned upon, an unfortunate problem, but something that can't be changed. It took a grassroots movement to sway public opinion and create a culture of intervention against drunk driving, and that same effort is needed to stop hazing.
Hazing and alcohol overdose are urgent national concerns . From Gordie Bailey's tragic, preventable death grew a call to action. Our mission at the Gordie Center is simple: Save a Life. Make the Call. We share Gordie's story to educate and empower students to prevent hazing and get help when a friend is in trouble. We need your help to change the national culture around hazing, and to push the message that hazing in every form is unacceptable and should be vehemently challenged until it disappears. By sharing Gordie's story, you are an integral part of the movement that will prevent other families from living through the tragedy of hazing's aftermath, and give today's students valuable tools to take care of each other.
A gift to the Gordie Center helps save lives. Your donation/GORDIEstore purchase expands Gordie's legacy, and amplifies our work to support students in calling for help when they see the signs of alcohol overdose. We appreciate all that you do to advance our mission! Give your tax-deductible donation by midnight tonight to count toward your 2018 tax deductions. Let's work together to make 2019 safer for students nationwide.

Have a safe and happy new year,

Susie Bruce,  Director, The Gordie Center
Jill Maurer, National Development & Program Coordinator 

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