January 2018

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Houston Big Game Fishing Club's
Monthly Newsletter
On the Wire
Happy New Year!

On behalf of the Houston Big Game Fishing Club, we would like to wish you a very happy, successful and prosperous 2018!
2017 turned out to be quite a year for the Club!  We h osted a tremendously successful Red, White and BID banquet in March and the Lone Star Shootout in July.  With 49 boats fishing the Shootout, the optional side pot reached an incredible $812,100! 5% of the side pot was donated to the Club's Charitable Program, which funded the Scholarship Program, donations to The Billfish Foundation, R onald McDonald House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Turning Point Tournament, Port O'Connor Toy Run and the Houston Safe Boating Council.


We are proud to have also organized the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund in September for members of our offshore community who were devastated by the hurricane.  In addition to a $20,000 donation to the fund by the Lone Star Shootout, we received $24,860 in private donations and $79,000 from our friends in the fishing and boating industry.  The donations totaled an awesome $123,860!


We want to thank our members, donors, corporate sponsors and committee members for your time, your generosity and your continued support! We look forward to seeing you at the Club's upcoming events!   

"Casino Royale" Fundraising Banquet
April 21, 2018
Royal Sonesta Hotel - Houston/Galleria

Bloody Thursday Breakfast
July 19, 2018
Port O'Connor

Lone Star Shootout
July 24 - 29, 2018
Caracol Club, Port O'Connor
2018 Membership

Continue your generous support and involvement in the Club by renewing your membership today.  Click Here to renew your membership online via PayPal or download a membership form and email or mail it to the Club. 

Captain's Corner
Written by Captain Kevin Deerman
Wahoo season is here again and we are looking forward to getting some reports as soon as the weather allows. There have already been a number of boats that signed up for the Winter Wahoo Championship out of Freeport and I would expect that they will be heading out to the usual target areas shortly. The water temperature at the Flower Gardens is still a little high at 73 degrees but hopefully it will be dropping a bit over the next couple of weeks. As of now all of our weigh stations are ready and waiting and if anyone has any problems with weighing fish please don't hesitate to contact me at 409-789-2975. Good luck to everyone in 2018 and Happy New Year!

Club Awards Program
Participate in the 2018 Club Awards Program!  Click Here for full program details and verifications forms.  Make sure to read the program information for updates from 2017.
2017 Current Texas Results
Top Private Boat:
Draggin' Up, Owner Chris Heule
3147.5 points
Top Male Angler:
Tony Annan
2,300 points
Top Female Angler:
Christina Wills
1,000 points
Top Junior Angler:
Sam Moore, Jr.
800 points
Top Captain:
Kevin Deerman
5147.5 points
Top Mate:

Andy Hollen

5147.5 points

Top Blue Marlin:
Alan Roberts
438.5 pounds
Top Dorado:
Bryan Cardwell
38 pounds
Top Swordfish:
Titan Up, Owner Bill Hunt
6,000 points
Top Tuna:
Fred Pyle
140 pounds
Top Wahoo:
Bryan Cardwell
73.14 pounds


2017 Current International Results

Top Private Boat:
Slight Edge, Owner Perry Forrester
37,400 points
Top Male Angler:
Darryl Schroeder
7,000 points
Top Female Angler:
Christina Wills
5,600 points
Top Junior Angler:
Madisyn Powell
2,700 points

The Learning Curve
Written by Captain Troy Day
With the popularity of dredges at an all-time high, over the past several years we ' ve struggled with the challenges of pulling them at 7-8 knots when lure fishing. All the connections from the dredge to the reel have to be perfect, including all the pulleys needed to double block and halve the pulling forces. Until this season, we had problems with snapping off dredge arms, but finally seem to have cured that by pulling 5/16 " titanium arm dredges (we like the ones from Sure Strike). They are more expensive up front, but we are getting them to last the season instead of 2 trips. Because they have stiffer arms, we have to store them more carefully, not binding the tips as tightly together to keep them from stressing near the hub. The other important thing we ' ve found to keep the arms on the dredge is to keep weight on the bait to a minimum (1 oz or none). Although dredges are definitely more work to have in the water, we have noticed the number of fish coming up on our teasers instead of farther back in the spread has gone up.  
Robert Rickett, President
John Bowen, 2nd Vice President
Randy Bright, Treasurer
Jack Beal, Secretary 
Allan Legge
James Helm
Kevin Deerman 
Marty Griffith
Randy King
Richard Richardson
Troy Day
T: 409-744-2307, F: 409-744-2313


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