Dear Friend,

We want to take a moment to extend an enormous Thank You for your support this year. Your financial support and especially your prayers have brought us to a point where Hope is becoming a reality.

So much changes in a year. When Tyler was diagnosed with Juvenile Batten disease, we saw our whole life change in an instant. There was a moment of hopelessness and defeat. As we struggled to pull ourselves together, we made it a mission to find a way to support any research to find a cure. Tyler’s Mission was established in January of 2018 and every moment after that has created hope and determination to defeat Juvenile Batten Disease.

Your support and love has been overwhelming and has led to several incredible happenings in the treatment to slow down this disease. A year ago, treatment was a concept, very close to reality, but still in research phases. Now, most recently (in Dec 2018) a gene therapy clinical trial came to reality, and in the spring of 2019, another therapy is coming available.

In one year, we have come from the darkest place to possibilities to an incredible reality. And it was thanks to You , your love for Tyler, your support for us, your contributions to research, and your prayers. No words can really express our gratefulness, but we hope you know how thankful we are to you for sharing in our journey.

- Megan and Jim Kim