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G-d and the Force
By: Jason Altneu, BIUSY
Class of 2023, BIUSY Chapter Mem/Kad VP 2019-2020
My favorite Star Wars movie is definitely Revenge of the Sith. Although it is dark, brooding, and even just plain sad, it has some of the greatest lightsaber battles in the series, such as Obi Wan vs. Anakin, and Yoda vs. the Emperor. The Jedi are a group of warriors, with a connection to something called the force. Obi Wan said, “It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.” The Jedi use their connection to the force for good, and avoid killing whenever possible. The Sith use the force for their own gain, and are the bad guys in many of the movies. Lightsabers are their weapons, with the ability to cut through any object. One could connect the Jedi to the Jewish people, believing in something intangible, and unseeable. We can’t directly prove that G-d is there, nor can the Jedi directly prove that the force is real. We have faith in its existence, and we can see it through its interactions. G-d’s miracles, and the 10 plagues can be proof of G-d, while things such as force pushes and lifting of heavy objects are proof that the force exists. We cannot prove its existence, but we have faith anyways.
Israel Elections Update
By: Ben Topol, BEBUSY
Class of 2020, Regional Israel Affairs VP 2019-2020
After being unable to form a governing coalition, the provisional government was forced to announce a new set of Israeli elections for March 2, the third in less than a year. The first reason that the coalition could not be formed was due to Likud’s unwillingness to disclude the religious parties from a coalition. The second reason was due to Blue and White’s unwillingness to sit with a Prime Minister (Netanyahu) who has a pending indictment. This new set of elections brings more questions than answers: Is it legal for Netanyahu to be granted legal immunity before the election takes place? Will Netanyahu continue leading the Likud Party after being challenged by MK Gideon Sa’ar? Will Labor and Meretz garner enough votes to stay in Knesset? Israelis hope these will all be answered with the next election.
By: David Weiss, STUSY
Class of 2021, STUSY Chapter Communications VP 2019-2020
Big decisions suck. Whether it’s the 
subject for an important essay, where to go to college, or what to eat for dinner, nobody knows the answer right off the top of their head, or at least, nobody wants to give you one in fear of their ideas being disliked by others. That’s why mentors come few and far between but make such an impact on our lives. This year as I was getting ready for a huge grade in my programming class, we had to pick the actual program we made. How in the world do you choose that? It could be literally anything and simple enough that you have to be able to make it but still complex enough to earn a good grade. So I went to a man I considered my mentor, my old engineering teacher. He told me something pretty cliché, but helpful and widely applicable nonetheless. He said if you pick something you like to do, it's not work. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I chose to write a story about programming class in a Jewish newsletter when the theme is Star Wars, but I thought about how Yoda was a mentor to Luke and how it could relate to me. This story highlights how a mentor helps. Until my teacher told me “If you are enjoying what you do almost everyday, it will never feel like work and you’ll never have to split work from play,” I had never considered something like that. Just like each tough decision Luke made, he had Obi-Wan and Yoda whom he looked to for advice, but all they did was help them realize what they already knew. So if you are ever struggling, find someone you trust, someone you think knows you well enough, and just get a new perspective. That’s my two cents, and I'd love to be that mentor for someone else so don’t be afraid to talk to me if you ever need help.
REB Member Update
By: Maddy Pollack, BIUSY
Class of 2021, Seaboard Communications VP 2019-2020, Communications IGB 2019
What’s popping, Seaboard??? It’s your friendly neighborhood Comm VP! This year, you’ve already seen a lot of my COMMpletely awesome pet projects, maybe without even knowing it! You might be familiar with a couple of new #hashtags, like #SillyJokeSunday, #WhatsUpInIsraelWednesday, #FreshTorahFriday, and of course many amazing memes around COMMvention time featuring your allstar COMMedic REB and chairs! These are there to really spice Seaboard social media up and add in some fun stuff in every few days! After Encampment, the first #MomentsMatter video was put up on Facebook, which showcased some special memories from Kadimaniks and USYers alike from the week. 
By the time you’re reading this, the New Year will have passed (whoooo Maddy can time travel!), so happy new year! I can’t wait to see everyone looking funky fresh in just a few weeks at Seaboard USY Formal at B’nai Israel (GO CHAPTER THAT’S MY CHAPTER), and I’d better see you at every single USY and Kadima Basketball game! I play, and I expect to see all of my adoring fans out there every week!
Of course, if you want to talk to me even before Formal or Basketball, I’m very easily reachable. Ya know, that whole ~Comm thing~. Email me at comm.seaboard@gmail.com or text me at 301-366-9983. Be prepared: I always have a meme or seventeen at my disposal and you absolutely cannot make me promise to not make any Comm puns during a COMMversation ;)
P.S. Knock knock.
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Words with Seaboard ~ מילים עם סיבורד
Hebrew word of the month: Word
Word: (הֶחָלָל הַחִיצוֹן) (he-cha-lal ha-chee-tson)
Means: Space
Word in COMMtext: Star Wars is the best הֶחָלָל הַחִיצוֹן movie franchise ever!
Upcoming Events!!!
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  • February 14 - 16th
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