WAWM RCS Updates 

Press Release: West Allis-West Milwaukee School District
Increases Budget for a New Recreation and Community Services Center
On November 26, 2018, the West Allis-West MIlwaukee School District Board of Education voted to increase the project budget for a new Recreation and Community Services Center from $6 million (approved June 2018) to $8 million. The original project budget proposal was based on available funding at the close of the 2016-2017 fiscal year and anticipated fund balance from the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The budget was also set prior to creating and analyzing several schematic and design plan options and budgets with the contracted design build planners, CG Schmidt and architects, Groth Design Group.
The increase will not impact property taxes.

Friendly reminder that our office hours have recently changed! We are open Monday - Thursday from 8am - 5pm and Friday from 8am - 4pm. 
Non-School Day Camps 

In the month of January WAWM RCS is offering camps on the 21st and 22nd. These camps will be held at Horace Mann elementary from
7 am-5:30 pm for the low cost of $29 per day for residents and $58 for NR. January 21st will be a day of games and fun featuring our life size game of Candyland! January 22nd we will be going on a field trip to Country Springs Water Park. This trip is a favorite among campers and spots go extremely fast for this one. Please call 414-604-4968 to sign up today!

Family Events

Early Childhood 
Preschool Programs

Your child about to turn 3 or 3 already and you want to have them ready to start school in fall -- No better preschool than what the WAWM RCS Dept. has to offer.  Your child could go either one day a week or two days a week.  Check out the options in our Activity Guide or contact Linda Gritzmacher at 604-4911.

Early Childhood Classes

Many of the same classes offered but many new as we welcome a new teacher Ms. Al.  Everything from Superheros, Dance, Mushy Gushy Sticky Icky Fun, Pint Size Picassos, Tumble Bugs to Bitty Sports, Music Fun classes and so much more.  Get your child involved in these fun and exciting classes.

Youth Enrichment
Taekwondo is back and we're super excited to partner with Master Eric and the Dragon Training Center to offer the latest program this Winter/Spring. Students will work on their self-discipline, focus and control-physically and mentally, with guidance from Kukkiwon certified instructors. Uniforms and belt testing will be available for an extra cost.   Who's ready to try this style of taekwondo out?
Horace Mann Cafeteria
Th   2/7-3/28
Beginner   6-6:30 pm  
Advance   6:30-7:15 pm
$50 / $75 NR

Kids Cuisine
Have you noticed your little one wanting to spend time with you in the kitchen? Ramona Kaiser will introduce your child to kitchen safety and several other cooking skills to help you feel more at ease with your child in the kitchen with you. We will create delicious treats from recipes and leave each week with a small nugget of cooking knowledge.
Irving Fieldhouse
5K - 2nd Grade
T 1/15-3/5 (No Class 1/22, 2/19)
5:45-6:30 pm
3rd - 5th Grade
T 3/19-4/30 (No Class 4/2)
5:45-6:30 pm
$30/$45 NR

Snow Fun Experience (3rd - 8th Grade)
Do you have Monday, February 18th marked on your calendar? There's no school that day and if you're looking for an activity that is exciting and different from your child's normal day of playing video games. The WAWM RCS Dept. will spend the day on the slopes at Sunburst Winter Sports Park for a day of either skiing or snowboarding. Never tried it...no worries we will have free lessons for all! Check out the flyer for more snowy details!
Franklin Fieldhouse
M 2/18
8:30 am - 5 pm
With Equipment $60
Without Equipment $50

Animals! Animals! Animals! In Nature & Fables
4K - 1st Grade
Does your child enjoy playing pretend or even love being the center of attention? Kathleen Mohr will direct your child in a variety of theatre games that will help them grow their self-confidence, help with their public speaking and engage them in critical thinking. Let your child's wild side show with us this 2019!
Horace Mann Auditorium
W   1/16-2/20
6-6:50 pm
$40/$60 NR

Walk a Mile in My Shoes
The world could always need more kindness, in this exciting theatre program, not only will we sharpen your child's acting skills but build their empathy and acceptance for others. Kathleen Mohr will lead the group in theatre games that will help your child improve their improvisation, self-confidence and role-playing skills.  
Horace Mann Auditorium
W   1/16-2/20
7-8 pm
$40/$60 NR
Castle Ball
In this non-elimination style Dodgeball, teams must protect 3 castles from the other team, if all three of your castles fall down - the game is over and we restart. Sounds like non-stop fun to the WAWM RCS! Players can protect the castles and not be eliminated that means no one sits out - perfect. Who will be King of the Castle at the end of the night?
Horace Mann Gym
F 2/1-2/22
5K-2nd Grade   6-7 pm
3rd-5th Grade    7-8 pm
6th-8th Grade    8-9 pm
$20/$30 NR

Adult Enrichment
Happy New Year! Let the WAWM RCS Dept. help you celebrate the New Year and the "New You" by joining some of our returning and brand new programs in the New 2019. Joyce Esley and Ms. Al are waiting to welcome you as well as several of our returning instructors - Staci Joers, Evelyn Wessel and Julie Toman - to the New Year. Don't let 2019 slip away, sign up today!

Ms. Al has a passion for Judo and is excited to start 2019 with the WAWM RCS Dept. Judo has several benefits including the understanding of maximum efficiency with minimum effort and gaining awareness of mutual welfare. This art is composed of throws, falls and mat work. If you enjoyed Aikido with Matthew Fanning, Judo is the best replacement.
FLW Upper Gym
Tu 1/15-2/19
$40/$60 NR

Taming the High Cost of College
Save the piggy banks! Brad Baldrige will share a variety of strategies on keeping your child's college experience at a low cost so that your child can attend the college/university of their dreams. Penny pinching has never been so fashionable!
Nathan Hale Rm 118
W   1/23
7 - 8:30 pm
$8/$12 NR

Intelligent Investing for Retirement
Are you ready to say good bye to your job and enjoy retirement? Adam Ryback will help you plan for a comfortable retirement by using the guidance of the very successful Warren Buffett to help make sure your finances are in order.
Franklin Fieldhouse
T 2/5
$6/$9 NR
Improv Comedy
Have you seen "Who's Line Is It Anyways?" Comedians participate in a variety of games/exercises that challenge them to think on their feet and keep their minds sharp. Improv has many benefits than just creating a funny scene, it helps with problem solving, public speaking and most importantly helps build self-confidence. Under the direction of John Podlesnik your comedic timing will be one of the best.
Horace Mann Auditorium
T   1/8-1/29
6:30 - 8 pm
$90 / $135 NR

Adult Exercise

Time to set those new years resolutions.  Why not start out with some great fitness classes offered by WAWM RCS Dept.!  Take a look at all the different classes, ask a friend to come with you, or come meet some new friends and get signed up!  You will not be disappointed with the classes and teachers.

Adult Sports
Congratulations to our 2018 Fall Volleyball Champions. Thank you to all teams that participated this session. The winter session begins the second week of January. 

Coed- IRC 26-4
Womens A- Meow 27-3
Womens B- Planet Volleywood 30-0
Mens-Teddy the Wonder Lizard 23-7

Thank you to all the teams that participated in the 45th Annual WAWM RCS Alumni Basketball tournament on December 26th and 27th at West Allis Central High School

The Division 1 Champion (2008-present) was Hale 2016

Runner up was Hale 1999

The Division 2 Champion (prior to 2008) was Hale 2005

Runner up was Hale 2006

1205 S. 70th Street, First Floor, West Allis, WI 53214 
(414) 604-4900