GrassRoots Meats Newsletter
January 2021
Goodbye to 2020
2020 was a very rough year for us. Allan suffered a heart attack the Saturday after Thanksgiving and was life-flighted to the hospital in Durango, where he spent five days in the CCU. One of his arteries was completely blocked and they put in a stint, but they were unable to do the other two arteries that were 70% blocked. He still needs to have them done, but we are waiting on approval from the VA. In the meantime, he is recovering nicely, although he tires very easily and is not able to do much. The doctor said the damage to his heart was relatively minor, especially for having had a major heart attack, and for that we are very grateful.

Our grandson, Kyler, has stepped up and is taking care of the animals and the winter feeding. We are so very grateful to have such a wonderful family. Our daughter, Lisa, is also working hard to keep the business running.

Needless to say life has changed quite a bit for Allan, and for me. As we move forward, if you don't see a newsletter come through each month, know you are in our thoughts and that another is probably in the planning. We are taking things one day at a time, and trying to simplify our lives as much as possible. Getting him back to good health is our first priority.
Meat Availability
We have a good stock of lamb, chicken, and pork right now, and we have beef going in for processing the middle of this month. We will have some more burger available again, as well as some quarters, halves, and wholes. We are still unable to sell cuts of beef or lamb as we have in the past, but are hoping that this changes in 2021. Our local processor is still working on USDA certification and we are hopeful they are able to make that happen soon.

We eliminated our volume discounts recently, but we also lowered our prices on chicken and pork. We are a little overstocked on chicken right now, so we are running it on special for January. With the lower prices and the added discount it's a pretty darn good deal so be sure to take advantage of this sale.
Chicken Thighs
$5.39 per pound

Whole Chickens
$4.29 per pound

Whole Leg
$4.59 per pound

Bone-in Breast
$6.49 per pound
While supplies last!
In Closing . . .
Allan and I are sure ready to see 2020 go. While it actually started with our automobile accident last December, the year went haywire after his shoulder surgery in January, followed by blood clots, very possibly contracting the COVID 19 virus in between, his mother passing on alone in the nursing home in May, and finally his heart attack in November. Through it all, though, we can feel God's hand of protection holding us up, keeping us safe. The prayers of family and friends were almost palpable as we went from one crisis to another. We thank each and every one of you who prayed for us - it helped more than you could possibly know.

2021 is going to be a much better year. May God bless you and your family as you journey through it, and may you never feel alone. God is with us even when it seems no one else is, and He is cheering us on. We can do all things in His strength.

Happy New Year!

Lois & Allan
Allan and Lois Higgins
945 CR 973
Ignacio, CO 81137
Lois – 970-582-0166 (Sales and Order Information)
Allan – 970-749-7670 (Production)