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January 2016
Happy New Year!  Please use the following Discount Code "newyear "  for a 10% discount on all items ordered through the month of January                                                                      
The Soul's Upward Yearning
"Father Spitzer is a Jedi master who can train you in the ways of the Force. By this I mean he can tutor you in how to see the evidence for the universe's transcendent dimension. He will open your mind's eye to look beyond scientific materialism."  Writes C.S. Morrissey

RECongress 2016

Register now for the upcoming RECongress.   Father will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday and will be in our booth (98) most of Saturday. Stop by and say hi.

Finding True Happiness
Live Hour Archangel Radio did an amazing interview with Fr. Robert Spitzer about "Finding True Happiness" on Dec.15 which starts at the 6:55 mark.  At the beginning of the interview you will hear how Fr. Spitzer changed vocations as a young man after praying and listening to God's will in his life. 

A special thank you to Mr. Cantu, who has made a generous donation to the Magis Center. 

We know you give to help the faith of our young people and to strengthen the presence of God's Kingdom on earth.
Thank you so much

From Nothing To Cosmos

This four hour (4 DVD) presentation, along with the optional "Workbook +", can be used for a twelve-part presentation. It meets the USCCB requirements for supplemental materials. It can also be used as the foundation for a one-semester course in faith and science. This course responds to the pressing secular myths that threaten our faith and our society. A sampling of the topics presented are:
(i) Why the occurrence of our universal constants and initial conditions cannot be explained by the contention that "it just is."
(ii) How can the bible and science be reconciled?
(iii) What can Catholics believe about evolution?
(iv) How the human desire for the five transcendentals (perfect and unconditional Truth, Love, Justice/Goodness, Beauty, and Being) indicates the presence of a transphysical soul.
(v) Why belief in God is a more responsible and rational explanation than naturalistic explanations (multiverses, pure chance, etc.) to explain universal fine-tuning.
 (vi) What is the connection between Near Death Experiences and Transcendence?

Father Robert Spitzer

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 16, 1952, Fr. Spitzer is a Catholic Priest in the Jesuit order, and is currently the President of the Magis Center and the Spitzer Center.

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Garden Grove, Ca. 92840-4400