May 2019 be your best year yet.
We all know there will always be challenges a.k.a. life lessons that help us evolve and develop as a person and as a Soul...

My wish for all of us is that these lessons become easier to deal with as we continue to evolve.
It's not what happens to us that is as important as how we handle the people and situations that come our way. This is what helps us realize how much we are growing.

May your relationship with yourself and your relationships with those in your life grow deeper and healthier.
May you have increasing peace of mind and greater connection to all that is, whether you call this God, the Creator, or the Universe...the more we feel connected to something greater than ourselves, the more supported we feel and realize that we are not alone.

I wish all of you greater peace, love, and joy in every way possible in 2019 and beyond.

Happy New Year


never give up stone