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Happy New Year! 
Looking forward to a new year, all of us at Interflex are setting our resolutions for 2015.

In the new year, we hope to make new strides and improvements in our technology solutions, to strengthen our professional relationships, and develop new, innovative resources for the school foodservice industry and everyone involved.

Whether you are a school district, a manufacturer, a distributor, a broker, or an industry member, we wish you a joyful, successful, and very happy new year!

  What's New at Interflex 
   Always improving and innovating, here's the latest from Interflex... 
BidAdvantage for Schools product database updates
The database of manufacturer product information in BidAdvantage for Schools has been updated with the most current information available and new products have been added.
  • School Districts:  log in to BidAdvantage to check it out, or contact us  to get started.
  • Manufacturers: if your products are not already in the database, contact us to get them added.
Coming Soon 
New fields on bids issued through BidAdvantage for Schools will be added to the system soon. These new fields will include:
  • Fee For Service and NOI commodity prices
  • Fixed Fees
  • Servings per Case
  • Cost per Serving
  • and up to 4 customizable fields

These fields will be optional, meaning that school districts can choose to include each on their bid for vendors to respond to, or not, depending on their needs. 

Tips & Tricks 
Awardedbids.com allows you to research price points for specific product types and packaging for the marketplace or a specific manufacturer. Use the information to look at minimum, maximum, and average prices nationwide or regionally by state.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to build a price point report.

Do you subscribe to AwardedBids Analytics? 
Login to find Price Point reports already built for your product types:

See you at
Connect with us in Phoenix, Arizona for this year's School Nutrition Industry Conference January 11th - 13th. Schedule a meeting with us during the conference by emailing custserv@interflex.net. We look forward to seeing you there!
grapes.jpg Smart Ways to Implement Smart Snacks 
On July 1, Smart Snacks in Schools went into affect. While it's no secret that schools and students alike are struggling, there are many things that can make this transition easier for everyone involved. Check out the tips on implementing Smart Snacks in School below:
  • Variety is the spice of life:  students respond well when they are allowed to make a choice. Be sure to provide an array of options for your students to choose from - that way you will be catering to different tastes and empowering your students to make a healthy choice.
  • Test it out:  organize taste-tests with your students to determine which foods they prefer versus those they don't like so much. This will help prevent food waste in the future as well as increase sales because we all know students are more likely to purchase and consume food they like!
  • Education is key:  getting your students to understand why healthier foods have replaced junk food and how it benefits them can defuse some of the frustration your students may be feeling. Informative signs and eye-catching posters throughout the cafeteria are one easy way to spread the word, but getting the school community involved in nutrition education is even better!
  • Empower your students:  student leaders are known for having an impact on their  peers. Enroll your school's student leaders' help in setting a good example by getting student council or class presidents involved in your cause.
  • Make it an event:  promote your nutrition program through events like "Bring your parent to lunch day" or having students' favorite teachers eat with them in the cafeteria. You'll be rallying support for your program from the community and setting a good example for students at the same time!
  • Promote your program:  they say marketing drives consumption and that rule doesn't stop at your cafeteria door. Promote healthy products using posters, bulletin boards featuring daily offerings, or on the school's morning announcements.
  • Be social:  there's no need to go where no nutritional professional has gone before - instead, go where your students go. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are an easy way to market your nutrition program and provide a little nutrition education along the way. 
  • Knowledge is power:  if your students have never seen or cheese-wheel.jpg tried a certain food before, they may be afraid or just not sure how to eat it. Teaching students what those green things in their food are called or how to eat a kiwi can make a big difference in their willingness to try it.

For more inspiration, be sure to watch "Strategies for Implementing Smart Snacks in School: Learning from 8 Districts' Successes in Controlling Junk Food and Maintaining Revenue" - a webinar hosted by the Illinois Public Health Institute. You can view the full webinar on their website to hear tips and tricks from schools across the country who have successfully implemented smart snacks.


Not sure what to serve? Check out the following resources to help you find products that meet the Smart Snacks in School guidelines:

Be sure to share your tips & tricks with everyone:


AHG New LogoNews from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation


Meeting Upcoming USDA Wellness Policy Requirements

Our Model Wellness Policy Can Help


School wellness policies play a critical role in school health by setting guidelines and expectations for wellness initiatives that take place in the school building. These policies also help school staff create a shared agenda to build healthier environments as a team.


Recognizing this critical role, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is now updating the requirements for wellness policies with a proposal issued in early 2014 and a final set of rules expected in 2015.


To make meeting the new requirements easier than ever, we've released an  updated model wellness policy, available on our website. This resource meets the new federal requirements based on the USDA's proposed rule and offers more stringent language in areas where your district may be ready to raise the bar. Try our new model wellness policy!


What's New?

Helpful Resources & Updates


 Wellness Policy Supports Healthy Fundraisers in Miami

The PTA at Glades Middle School has helped to revamp food-based fundraisers to align with the Miami-Dade School District's wellness policy. Students now raise money by participating in "dress up" days and themed dances, rather than by purchasing candy or sugar-sweetened beverages.


Reminder:  USDA Request for Information 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture wants to hear from school districts about their practices around unpaid meal charges, including the advantages and challenges faced. Please submit your comments by January 14, 2015.


Wellness doesn't take a holiday! Joy Bauer, NBC's Today Show Nutrition and Health Expert, shares one of her favorite tips for keeping up your healthy habits during the holiday season: Always keep healthy snacks on hand so that you don't succumb to the many sweet treats associated with the holiday season. Watch her short video for healthier holiday ideas.


Take the 12 Days of Wellness Holiday Challenge

As we enter the holiday season, the 12 Days of Wellness Challenge will help keep your body and mind in good health and spirit. To participate, all you have to do it complete one wellness activity each work day from the 12 Days of Wellness activity list.  

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Bid Lingo 
Specifications are meant to spell out exactly what a school district needs. Equally important is how much of any given item a school needs. Usage and packaging is expressed in units of measure. It can be confusing when you see units abbreviated or when trying to compare gallons to pints. Check out our guide to units of measure to brush up on your bid lingo:

Unit: Abbreviation: Unit:Abbreviation
Count  ct. Milligrams  mg. 
Dozen  doz. / dz. Milliliters   ml.
Each  ea.  Ounces oz.
Feet  ft.  Pints pt.
Gallons gal. Pounds lb.
Grams  g. / gr. Quarts qt. 
 Servings sv. / svg. 
 Cases cs.

Knowing how many ounces are in a pound or cups in a quart can come in handy too.  Did you know....

There are 2 cups in a pint 

There are 2 pints in a quart 

There are 4 quarts in a gallon 


If you're a visual learner, check out the diagram below to help you remember:


Give Back
Don't let good spirit end with the holidays. Check out AmazonSmile to give back year round. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to charitable organizations selected by customers.
Did you know... 

Interflex offers webinars every week on BidAdvantage for Schools, the free online procurement tool.  

Fundraiser Clarifications
As the year goes on, more and more schools are experiencing fundraisers under the new Smart Snacks Standards. While many traditional bake sales may be seeing an overhaul, there are few things to keep in mind when planning your school's next fundraiser:  

The USDA standard are not applicable to fundraisers that:
  • do not sell food
  • take place outside of school
  • sell food to be consumed outside of school (e.g. frozen pizza or cookie dough)
  • sell food after official school hours, off school campus, or on weekends

There are no limitations on fundraisers where all food items sold meet the Smart Snack standards. 


Each state sets the number of fundraisers allowed which are exempt from the Smart Snacks requirements. States also have the authority to set stricter fundraiser guidelines. Be sure to check your state's fundraiser standards.   


To read the full memo, please visit http://www.fns.usda.gov

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