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Happy New Year

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past"

-Thomas Jefferson

On behalf of the STA Board of Governors and the 245 individuals serving on STA Affiliate Boards we wish you and your families a happy and healthy 2019.
From the Hill
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SEC Staff Encourages Engagement on MiFID II
 In the year since MiFID II became effective, broker-dealers, investment advisers, issuers and other market participants have had an opportunity to observe the effects of MiFID II’s research provisions.
“As the staff evaluates possible recommendations, it is invaluable to hear from a diverse group of market participants,” said SEC Chairman Jay Clayton.
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SEC OCIE Announces 2019 Examination Priorities
This year, particular emphasis will be on digital assets, cybersecurity, and matters of importance to retail investors, including fees, expenses, and conflicts of interest.  
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 Congress's Incoming Class in More Diverse Than Ever
We looked at the newest additions to the House and Senate — 100 non-incumbent winners* — and found their average age is 49. That makes this incoming class the youngest in the past three cycles. It is also the most diverse cohort to date.
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STA Open Call
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Implementation of Amendments to Rule 606
On December 11th, STA held an Open Call to discuss the implementation of the SEC's amendments to Rule 606 under Reg NMS which require additional disclosures by broker-dealers to customers regarding the handling of their orders.  Presenters included:

 Chris Bok , FIF & Son-Mi Lee , FIF
John Roeser , Associate Director, SEC Division of Trading & Markets
Ted Venuti , Assistant Director, SEC Division of Trading & Markets

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Comment Letter - FINRA Continuing Education
Since the 2008 financial crisis, regulators have applied tremendous amounts of resources towards rule making. STA believes that regulation alone cannot prevent every case of poor behavior by market participants which does harm to investors. There is a need for education in this area and we recommend that the CE Council create a new category title “Ethics”...
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STA Women in Finance
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STAC Women's Collective Coffee - Living Fearless
presenter Wendie Lloyd
Living fearless doesn’t mean you never experience fear: it means you embrace fear and let it become energy to propel you forward. We will discuss aspects of being a fearless female including being connected with other healthy women, setting limits and boundaries with yourself and others and also discuss some of the obstacles presented to us in today’s societal climate.
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Taking Stock
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Safeguarding Data & Trust
Our industry does not do complacency. We work hard and operate in the best interests of investors. The reality is that protecting data, whether it be our own or our clients’ is already a herculean effort 24/7/365. Thus, rallying interest to dig deeper into something new is extremely difficult because it stresses an already over-stressed situation.
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Upcoming Events
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STAC 93rd Annual Mid-Winter Meeting:
Accelerating Trading Forward

January 16-18, 2019
Chicago Hilton

Hester Peirce , Commissioner
US Securities & Exchange Commission


2018 Big Heart Award Recipient
Every year STA, by way of its Big Heart Award, which honors and acknowledges the stand-out affiliate who serves its local community while bringing a sense of dignity to people from all walks of life in their time of need. This year STA is pleased to recognize 

San Francisco STA,"SFSTA"
2018 Big Heart Award Recipient

As witnessed by SFSTA’s efforts this affiliate continued its “boots on the ground” approach to community service, which involved giving of both time and money, illustrating the essence of what the Big Heart Award represents.
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STA 86th Annual Market Structure Conference
 October 2 - 4, 2019
J.W. Marriott, Washington, DC

In 2018, STA was privileged to have more than eighty (80) sponsoring firms who viewed us as a valuable resource for staying informed on the most relevant issues in Washington DC and as a unique channel to increase their firm’s brand awareness. 

Please take the time to learn about the value of becoming an STA sponsor and then decide if doing so is a good business decision for your firm.

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