H a p p y N e w Y e a r - 2020
1 January 2020

Dear GCA member,

Here is your first GCA newsletter of the New Year. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
County Waste Schedule and Tree Pick-up
With the holidays rapidly approaching, here's a friendly reminder of what to expect with your solid waste service collection. Our offices and operations are closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day so during these weeks, please follow the amended service schedule below:
New Year’s Day - Wednesday, January 1 st  - Trash and Recycling services will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
Christmas Tree Pickup - Thursday January 9 th
Trees must be cut down to 4 ft., no decorations (including tinsel) and put at the end of the curb.
Christmas Tree Pickup (back-up date) - Saturday, January 11 th
This is a backup date in case anything happens.

County Waste
The GCA Annual Meeting - Tuesday 25 Feb 2020
The Glenmore Community Association's Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25 at 7 PM in the ballroom of the Club at Glenmore. In January, GCA members will receive a meeting packet including information about those volunteers running for election to the GCA Board of Directors.

Please mark it on your calendar and plan to attend. 
Rivanna Greenway Stabilization
For those who walk the Rivanna Greenway trail along the 17th fairway ... it appears that the County has made good on their promise. The trail has been completed, the trucks are gone, the walkway is very muddy, but the trail has been fixed.

As you can see in the picture, the trail is about 20 feet wide for easy passage again. The repaired culvert is on the right edge of the picture.

We haven't heard from the County yet, but we expect them to re-open the trail in the near future. With that behind us, we owe a debt of gratitude to Rick Randolph and the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.

You can see the entire Rivanna Trail system  here.
The Oily Trickles on our Roads
County Waste notified us that they tried an environmentally conscious solution in combination with a power washing truck in an effort to rid our roads of the oily drips we think their trucks left behind. The drips may be lighter, but they surely are not gone. It looks like the marks will have to fade over time. 

House Under Construction
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Update
Tim Padalino, the lead Albemarle County reviewer for the Breezy Hill zoning map amendment application (ZMA201900004), notified the community that the application was revised and resubmitted by the developer on November 18, 2019 for staff review and comment. The county staff has conducted an inter-divisional, inter-agency review of the revised application materials and has provided the applicant with an updated review comment letter. This latest comment letter (dated 12/18/2019) and other application materials are available by clicking here .

As yet, a public hearing date has not been requested or scheduled and staff are unaware of what the applicant’s intended next steps are. The GCA Board will continue to keep the community updated as further information becomes available.
Where do I find ... a Glenmore Resident's Directory?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find a Glenmore Resident's Directory, go to the web page, then click on "Gatehouse". Then click on "Access Gatehouse Information" (this requires a password). If you're thinking "I don't want my address provided to other residents"; be advised, we are required to provide resident's access to this information per the VA Property Owners' Association Act, § 55.1-1815 . Access to association records; association meetings; notice.

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
Watch These Dates
Jan 1: Happy New Year
Jan 9: Christmas Tree Pick up
Jan 12: GCA/Club New Resident Social (by invitation)
Jan 16: GCA Board Meeting at 7PM at the Club
Jan 20: MLK Day
Feb 20: GCA Board Meeting at 7PM at the Club
Feb 25: GCA Annual Meeting - 7PM at the Club