December 2019
Everyday, the Arizona Friends of Foster Children changes the story for children in foster care all over Arizona. Whether you give $10 or $1,000, we are grateful to each of you for allowing us the privilege to help a child in foster care find a positive ending to his or her story. Here are few of the changes you made possible in 2019:
"Preston is my grandson who I am caring for through foster care. He has wanted to take boxing classes for quite a while. Financially, I just couldn't afford the extra cost that lessons would require.

I found out about Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation through Preston's DCS caseworker. We found a place that offered lessons and we submitted an application. With your help, he is now enrolled and has attended his very first boxing class.

He LOVED it!

You have made it possible for Preston to do something he's wanted to do for a long time and that I wasn't able to provide for him. Preston is a fine young man and the love of my life!

Thank you for your generosity - it is appreciated!"

- Nancy, Grandmother
Now's a great time to make your Foster Care Tax Credit Donation to AFFCF and help kids in care like Preston. You can get a dollar-for-dollar credit on our Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples.
Jonathan entered the Keys to Success (KTS) program in 2014 shortly after his 16th birthday as one of the first youths served by the program. He lived in a group home and was struggling to pass all of his classes at Mesa High. Through Keys to Success he was able to secure his first job, and demonstrated from that young age an incredible work ethic. 

However, the reality is that success doesn't come easily or overnight. When Jonathan turned 18 during his senior year, he had to leave his group home and move into an apartment. He struggled financially and eventually dropped out of school and experienced periods of homelessness.

But Jonathan did something very right, through it all he stayed in contact with his KTS Career Development Specialist (CDS). With her support he enrolled in a credit recovery high school at age 19 and was finally able to graduate with his diploma. When he needed a job, his CDS helped him with a referral to KTS partner employer Subaru Superstore of Chandler .

Again with the support of his CDS, Jonathan enrolled in the collision repair program at EVIT , which he's scheduled to complete in May 2020. His CDS also helped him identify and secure funding required to pay for his education. During his time at EVIT he has been the recipient of several AFFCF Penson awards, which allowed him to remain in school and stay focused on his studies. 

Now 22 years old, Jonathan is well on his way to a bright future! Now he has been one of their top performers in the detailing department at Subaru Superstore for three years! The owners of Subaru also operate Autobahn Collision, where he has been promised an internship as soon as he gets his certification.

All young people struggle to find their path. But for youth leaving foster care without the support of programs like Keys to Success, there is no safety net. The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is grateful to "be the one" in Jonathan's life that was there to make a difference. Through it all he has never, not once, forgotten to share his appreciation for the support and guidance provided to him by AFFCF and KTS.

Jonathan says, "It's crazy how far I've come, learning on cars. Now I'm building and painting my own thanks to you guys for the help and motivation to keep me going."
Now's a great time to make your Foster Care Tax Credit Donation to AFFCF and be the one to help youth aging of foster care. You can get a dollar-for-dollar credit on our Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples.
AFFCF is currently funding 81 college students who aged out of foster care and are attending universities and community colleges statewide. This month, we're pleased to introduce Stephanie who tells her story in her own words.

I just finished the first semester of my junior year and am excited about getting closer to graduating. I entered foster care in April 2017 after a tragic experience, but I have been on my own since I was 16. I am fortunate enough to be where I am right now.

Although there were many moments where I felt very alone, I’ve met a lot beautiful souls, many of whom have stayed in my life. Going through a lot in my life has made me a stronger, more mature person. It has helped me offer love and support to those who are experiencing or have experienced something similar.

I am majoring in nutrition because I want to be a registered dietitian to help people and to promote the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I'm trying my best when it comes to my academics. There definitely have been a lot of bumps in my life, but I am still pursuing my dreams. I know life will always be challenging, and I will never give up.

College has been an amazing experience. I still struggle, but I just have so many goals in life that I want to reach one day. With the help of many people and God, I have made it this far. As someone who was in foster care and currently volunteers with DCS, I want to use my profession to help kids, teenagers and young adults to be aware of the importance of nutrition and how it can change their lives for the better.

I am honored to have been chosen for this scholarship to keep pursuing my dreams. I would like to thank AFFCF donors because without you, this would not be possible. Thank you for helping kids in foster care by giving them the hope they need to keep succeeding in their academics. I will make you proud through my success. You never know…I might even be your registered dietitian one day! 
Now's a great time to make your Foster Care Tax Credit Donation to AFFCF and be the one to give the gift of education to a youth in foster care. You can get a dollar-for-dollar credit on our Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples.
Here's how your contributions to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation made a difference in November and December 2019: