Fail Proof New Year’s Strategies
Seek joy
Stay Curious 
Stop Complaining
Release the weight 
Court creativity 
Laugh everyday 
Earn your self-love
Say thank you and mean it
Talk nice to yourself…it’s the longest verbal relationship you will have 
Perfection is not a virtue or a badge of honor, it’s fear wearing high heels….give it a rest
Love the one you’re with, no one lives forever
Stop searching for your passion, its’ already found you
Believe deeply in something or you will fall for anything 
Find something every day to appreciate
Say I love you and really mean it 
Be the gift you want to receive 
Unburden yourself from worry
Say yes as often as possible to opened doors 
Fear less, live more, cultivate courage 
Simplify, organize, get more accomplished
Reality check…be honest 
Who are you and what do you want now
Better a trickster, than a martyr be
Live brave…finish strong
Choose a couple of the above strategies. Commit to exploring and expanding them into your new year. No one loses for trying, only for not. Take 2020 as if your life depends on it. It does!
Happy New Year,


“Tomorrow is promised to no one.” -Walter Payton