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October 2017

Happy Halloween!

The week of ghouls and witches is upon us ... and what a fun week it can be! Keeping this 'holiday' light and fun for kids of all ages is what it is all about.

There are a lot of serious, important things going on in our world. Things we should pay attention to. And care about. But at times it gets overwhelming.

Now and again it is good for the soul to see the eager faces of children as they 'pretend' to be their superhero or favorite character. To present someone with their favorite candy or treat. And to let your imagination play for a day or two.

Mystery shopping can be like Halloween. You put on your 'costume' (know the scenario) and 'act' (show up) like a customer. All done while anticipating how the 'person behind the door' (the sales person or representative) will react to you.

You are then presented with a 'treat' (your interaction). Like a trick or treater, you go home and sort through what you were given and decide what is best to keep (or write about). In a mystery shopper's situation, however, unwrapping and enjoying the candy is postponed until payment is received.
I may be pushing it with the analogy, but for a mystery shopper, Halloween is more than one day a year!

Our treat to you this month are the informative articles below! Trust they are not tricks, but treats to help you grow in your business and skills as a mystery shopper.

To your best!

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We are living in a tumultuous time in history. Having become more connected with practically everyone, thanks to technology, we seem to be more disconnected in our way of thinking. And sometimes in our way of life.
There seems to be little time for  listening and finding ways to agree. And a lot of time and energy spent on making sure others know our point of view.
Hours upon hours are spent by people writing, posting, and tweeting to let people know what they think.

Mystery shoppers can put a lot of miles on a car. A LOT. 
There are those mystery shoppers who are lucky enough to live in a thriving metropolis. One that has a lot of chain stores and franchise restaurants. These shoppers can make a lot of money going a short distance. Even possibly doing several shops at one stop.
Route shopping is popular among some people. One way of route shopping is to be assigned to a chain of stores to shop along a certain length of highway or towns. Some mystery shoppers just love this type of shopping. They get to do the same assignment at various stores. They stop into the store or business and conduct their shop. Return to their car to take notes or submit a report. Then start up the car, to move on to the next store and do the same thing again.

As you start your mystery shopping career, you may suddenly have mixed feelings inside of you that may cause hesitation. You begin to question if the decision to become a secret shopper will become more of a hindrance than a benefit.
Our fear of failure often hampers us when we begin to undertake changes in life. We start to doubt ourselves and our capacity to succeed instead of focusing all our mental energy on success. This can be a major dilemma because we are all too often short-changing our own abilities at the expense of our productivity.

Extra income has traditionally been the purpose for taking on an extra job or a side gig to your 'day' job. Bills need to be paid or vacations are longed for, and additional cash is needed to make these things happen.
Another reason for taking on additional work is to learn a new skill or to develop a passion into a business that you can eventually view as your primary source of work and income.
Mystery shopping is a side gig that requires little cash investment. It may require a brush up on writing skills and a check on how you manage your time. And any extra income producer will always require an investment of your time (our most precious commodity).
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