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Thanks for Visiting Us!
Our job at ICANN is easy--meet you all and have fun while doing it! Did you stop by our booth to pick up a specially designed card decks? Our team lovingly puts these cards together prior to conferences for gaming and collecting fun. 

We're trying a few new things on for size--including our newly combined Primer/City Guide. We hope our experiment provided you with vital information about the conference, its sessions and a little bit about a city that was probably new to a lot of you (as it was to us). 

And, of course, we sincerely hope you enjoyed our caricatures. We know many of you are awaiting yours, and rest assured, they're on their way! We've been working with Ryan Rhoads of Digital Caricatures Live for some time, and we're very keen on his work. We hope you are too--thanks for stopping by!

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ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon, ICANN 54

When not prepping for ICANN, we're writing and researching and keeping you up-to-date on all things Internet-Governance related. Over the years, we've amassed a solid team of editors who have shaped the website and made it what it is today.

That is why we are so grateful to those who came by our booth and participated in our Edit-a-thon. Every chance we have as an organization to expand knowledge with you is a boon to the ICANN community at large. We not only get to focus on important topics during these events, we get to teach others h ow to change and help the wiki. 
As a result of everyone's hard work, we were able to begin or expand upon the following articles :

3.   .ga
4.   Domain Hack
5.   Zonedb
6.   PSL
9.   ICANN
13. .ps
17. NamesCon

After the Edit-a-thon, we broke out for a little fun! Participants were invited to join the ICANNWiki team at an area pub for snacks, drink and prizes. We had the pleasure of learning more about the people who contribute to ICANNWiki--some truly heartening and inspiring tales. A good crew and good fun! 

All our adventures in learning and sharing were made possible by the good folks at Amazon.  

ICANNWiki Jackie T. & Akinbo
ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon Reception
Akinbo gets an Amazon Firestick!

Let's Get Social!
Recent Posts:

  • Watch this ICANN Fellows video and try to not get worked up. What a great group of people! We're so grateful we got to meet many of you during ICANN 54.
  • How will technology transform our cities? (retweeted from ITU) Explore #SmartCities with @olgacavalli
  • What's your favorite acronym? Susan Chalmers and ICANNWiki spoke with a few members of the community about their favorite acronyms. Take a look:
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Special Thanks to the Fellows

The most rewarding aspect of every ICANN meeting is building relationships within the community. The meetings bring together a diverse group of incredible people from all over the globe.

In Dublin, we really enjoyed our opportunity to work with the ICANN Fellows. We had many newcomers stop by the booth to get acquainted with ICANNWiki and provide us with the information we need to create substantive articles on each individual. We aim to create an engaging and welcoming experience for newcomers, by providing informative resources and bolstering their presence in the community by building personal articles for them on ICANNWiki.

In addition to the newcomers, the experienced fellows were a meaningful part of our conference, coming to our booth full of knowledge and eagerness to contribute. The success of our Edit-a-thon was largely due to the efforts of the fellows.

We are excited to further develop our relationship with the ICANN Fellowship program. We will continue to focus our efforts on creating content and providing services that help the Fellows, and newcomers in general, have a voice in the future of the internet.

Our Partners
  • Neustar announced that it signed an agreement to acquire MarketShare, a marketing analytics company for $450 Million. This acquisition will enable Neustar to better assist its customers in allocating their advertising budget and resources.
  • Ajitora had a great time in Dublin, but had to return to Hong Kong to get back to work with the .ASIA crew. In addition to his work with the .ASIA registry, Aji is working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Global Tiger Forum (GTF), and TRAFFIC to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. He is currently packed and ready to go to IGF 2015.
  • Dominios Latinoamerica held their 2015 conference from November 2-3 in Costa Rica. If you were unable to attend or visit the conference remotely, visit the link on their name for access to all conference presentations. 
  • Registration for NamesCon's January event has exceeded 600 people, with an anticipated 1,000 in total attendance. Registrants are invited to participate in the conference's Featured Attendee profile, which is a great way to learn more about fellow attendees through shared interests and goals. You can look for updates pertaining to schedules and speakers on their blog. ICANNWiki newsletter subscribers get $100 off with a special discount code found here!
Many Thanks to our Generous Sponsors