We've Got Some Great Halloween Goodies,
as Well as Other Wonders.
Here Are Just a Few:

Some of our Halloween delights. 
A great new batch of garlands,
including Happy Halloween letters.
And the bag of bones. Great for any display. 18 plastic bones are included (surprisingly not too cheesy!)
Halloween cards

The fabulous cicada earrings are back. Here are just a few of the colors. We didn't want to frighten you with the full swarm!
We have some fun, new custom memorabilia items, made just
for the Emporium. These necklaces include antique keys and fragments of old maps of the neighborhood.
And the sticker is a fragment of a Civil War envelope
(and Luana designed it and had it made).
Playing cards. Old school, yet unique styling.
4 varieties of decks have just arrived.
What can be said of these necklaces? Magnificent!
And these bracelets. In addition to being knockouts,
they are very reasonably priced.
They are made of aluminum and semi-precious stones.
fragment of Soon
c2020 Luana Kaufmann
One of Many Archival Pigment Prints of 
Luana's Cut-Paper Collages 
If You'd Like to See the Full, Ample
Array of Luana's Collage Prints,
Please Peruse
(Now Viewable On All Devices)

Noon - 7:00 pm

Appointments are Possible, Too.
Just Give Us a Call Ahead of Time --

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!
Warm regards, 
Purveyor of Fine Goods
Collagist of Found Imagery