Let's put those April showers behind us and watch as May flowers begin to bloom. With the renewal of life in nature during spring, there is nothing better for the soul than rediscovering the outdoors. We have invited Jenn Nelson, a passionate blogger out of Saskatchewan, to contribute to this edition of TrailTalk. Her approach to travel and happiness motivates others to venture outdoors and discover the natural world.
Jenn shares the magic of finding a happy place and simple tips for fulfillment on your travels. Also in this edition, you'll find out how the mind, body and spirit are transformed during a hike. 
My Happy Place is a Journey

Do you have a spot in mind that brings you a sense of joy, zen or serenity? Jenn Nelson, our guest blogger, tells us about her happy place; how it came to be, and how it makes her heart sing. 
Simple Tips for Travel and Happiness along the Trail

Maximizing your happiness on a trip can contribute to your overall experience, while maintaining a healthy body and mind. Jenn offers her tips on how to attain maximum fulfillment on your journey along The Great Trail. 

This is What Hiking Can Do for Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Ever wonder what happens to your body during an excursion on The Great Trail? ParticipACTION describes how your mind, body and spirit function while enjoying the Trail, and why it is spectacular. 
5 Tips for Safe Cycling on The Great Trail

If your journey to happiness begins on wheels, read TDA Global Cycling Marketing Manager, Shanny Hill's list of safety tips in preparation for your next adventure!
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