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"Throwback" News Post

We Value Referrals
Who in your network is looking for a new opportunity? 

Check our  open positions, to see if any of them are a match to the job seekers that you know.  At RealStreet, we value great candidates and when it comes down to it, we know you're the Real Deal! We have a great referral program that compensates you for every qualified referral you provide us.

How is your new year shaping up? Are there projects in the pipeline? At RealStreet, we are all very excited for what's in store!  If you are looking for executive level Architecture, Engineering or Construction professionals to complete your next endeavor, we are read y to help!  Request a consultation  or call us at  877 .480.8002!  
On February 15th, as our country celebrates 
President's Day , we honor our founders and reflect on past leaders. As a federal holiday, we also hope that you that you enjoy your long weekend. Happy President's Day!
Best Wishes from everyone at RealStreet!
The (ground)HOG Days of Winter!
It took a while (at least here in Marriottsville, MD) but winter finally arrived - and with a vengeance! It seemed like just yesterday we were in the dog days of summer, now we're digging our cars out of snow drifts and stockpiling essentials for the "snow-pocalypse"!
What do you think - will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow - indicating 6 more weeks of winter - or will we have an early Spring? 
The Farmer's Almanac is predicting déjà vu, do you think Phil will too?  Check out the NOAA Groundhog Day webpage for a few fun facts and a snapshot of Phil's record.
Despite the cold, there is one 
sweet day in the fut ure: February 14th! With that in mind, we would like to wish you a very
Happy Valentine's Day! 


Did you know 2016 is a Leap Year - giving us an extra day this month!? Leap Day is added to the calendar (almost) every 4 years to accounts for the earth' revolutions around the sun. Learn more Leap Year in this recent  Forbes article .
Avoid Winter Woes! 
The winter months can cause all sorts of problems for businesses! Poor weather conditions cause hazards on the road and damages to structures. The colder temperatures lend to confinement indoors and increased inactivity. Ward off the woes  of winter!  
Fill Your Open Positions!
RealStreet had a great start to the New Year, part of which can be attributed to JobSeeker January!  Watch this video   to learn more about JobSeeker January as well as current job market trends. 
Make the most of 2016!  Next time that your company has an open position, remember we maintain a diverse group of candidates who are actively seeking job opportunities.  Request a consultation  to learn more about how an employment partnership with RealStreet can help you complete projects on time and under budget!