Welcome to June!
Happy Pride Month from all of us here at BB&A to all of our LGBTQIA+ family, friends, and friends who are family. We see you and support you no matter who you love, all year long!
June offers such promise of the fun times ahead of us. Day trips! Cookouts! Road trips! To boot, after 15 months of quarantine, I’m betting your 2021 Summer Bucket List is full to the beach-hat brim of places to go, people to see, and hugs to give.

Yep, You’re ready to DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

But wait a minute, don’t you have a business to run? How about ALL THE THINGS in your business? You know those aren’t going away!

Ah, the eternal struggle of the entrepreneur: How to choose what’s fun while doing what needs to get done?

Making hard decisions in the face of temptation is a struggle for most people. When you’re a business owner it’s even harder, because the stakes are higher. You can’t live by the adage of “have dessert first” too often, or you won’t have much a business. You also don’t want to hyper-focus on business to the point where you completely forego the fun.

Case in point: A new team member joined BB&A last week. I planned to spend the weekend preparing trainings and compiling tasks for her to work on. But I didn’t. I let the Fun Stuff eclipse the Necessary Stuff, and by the time she arrived for her first day, I heard myself saying, “Shoot! My day is booked.”

What happened next is why I love my business manager, Kate. 

We looked at my schedule and for each occupied time slot, Kate asked me one simple question:

Will what you do in this time help your business grow?

It turned out that my 10 o’clock, while important (read: fun) to me, was not going to impact my business growth. Turning my attention to a new team member and making her feel welcome, informed, and valued would reap benefits a lot sooner. The tasks and client work I could delegate to her would free up my time for a little more of “the fun stuff.” I had to delay the gratification for a short time to gain in the long term.

So I rescheduled my 10 am call and spent time focused on growth.

Then guess what? I found the time to do the fun things.

It’s kind of like when your mom said, “Eat your veggies, then you can have dessert.” 

So this season, the one we’ve looked forward to with great anticipation in the Return to Normal, challenge yourself with Kate’s Great Question before you commit to time on your calendar. I bet the results will surprise you.
Hitting the Books with BB&A
All You Wanted to Know About QuickBooks But Were Afraid to Ask

Are you an entrepreneur looking to master QuickBooks? Then join the BB&A community in our new Facebook Group, “Hitting the Books for Entrepreneurs.” Led by BB&A CEO and Boss Lady, Beth Blaney, Hitting the Books is designed to offer continued support to business owners who are new to QuickBooks or bookkeeping in general. Group members can post questions, offer insights from their own experience, and for the paying members, explore online content in the Member Vault to research questions and up-level your QB bookkeeping skills. 

Curious to learn more? Jump on in as a free member! The water’s great! 
Small Biz Spotlight

Founded in 2019, with dreams to raise and grow our own food, Holmestead Harvest vows to shorten the food chain and provide a sustainable food source for their community. They offer seasonal produce, farm fresh eggs, pastured chicken, and grass-fed beef in addition to artisan foods and goods from local vendors, with an emphasis on supporting female farmers!

Holmestead Harvest is located at 1194 Plymouth St. East Bridgewater, MA but they also have an online store.

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook too!
Beth's Favorite Things
I love a well-styled room, especially if you can see it on camera, and how adorable is this little space? I recently purchased the Unicorn Candle (legit smells JUST LIKE Trix cereal) and the Book Stack Decor from Holmestead Harvest, and I couldn't love them more! 
At Beth Blaney & Associates our top concern is
providing small businesses and solopreneurs freedom from the number-crunching and office work that pulls them from their fields of expertise. We relieve our clients of the demands of running an office so that they can find freedom to focus on what they love to do. We alleviate the stress and chaos that can accompany bookkeeping and office tasks. We also keep up with new regulations so you don't have to!

Phone: 978.300.BETH