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Momentum speaker and professional coach Jenny Lewis is offering a

4-part series on "Intimacy of the Soul."

Find your natural self, your true spirit, your unique expression and tap into the wildness and the passion of your soul. Learning to love, connect and be present with yourself, other and the changing grind that is the growth of your life.

Attendance to all four weeks is important for this time together.

Week 1: Self- looking within. Relationship with self is our foundation.

Week 2: Life- engagement with life. Where is life leading you?

Week 3: Other- partnership. An exploration of connection and truth.

Week 4: Integration & Intentions- lessons, review, reflection and gratitude.

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Happy summer! We hope you have fantastic plans as things start to open up after a summer of staying at home during 2020. One way you or a colleague can start your calendar is by applying to our Upward program. Applications launch this week!

The Upward early-career program leverages Momentum’s expertise and alumnae network to develop the next generation of talented leadership.

Upward is delivered in half-day sessions over a nine-month period from February to October. Program sessions are interactive, classroom-style and facilitated by training professionals and Momentum alumnae.

In between sessions, participants will complete assignments, meet with their co-mentoring group, and enjoy networking opportunities with experienced senior leaders.

“Upward has given me amazing tools to understand how to work more effectively and efficiently. It has also been inspiring to see so many women growing professionally while encouraging each other to continue digging deeper.”
Heather Fox
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Podcast Pride Month

In June, we're celebrating Pride Month with two incredible speakers. First, we'll feature recent executive class 18 alumna Dr. Lindsay Sutton, founder of Two Ravens, an innovation consulting firm specializing in research, development, and engagement. She works as the Lead Behavioral Designer & Business Strategist there. She is also the founder of Tech Equals, Central Alabama's first LGBTQ+ professional organization for tech and tech adjacent industries.

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We'll also feature Eva Kendrick, who was the Alabama State Director for the Human Rights Campaign, which serves as America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve LGBTQ+ equality. She is now the Executive Director of the Alabama Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to support statewide civic engagement, participatory democracy, and advocacy strategies and programs through a coordinated network of nonprofit partner organizations.


Margaritas from The Lumbar

Bham Now's Pride Month Suggestions

  • June 1 (all day): Shake Shack Pride Fundraiser, benefitting Central Alabama Pride (CAP)
  • June 2 (all day): Crestwood Coffee Pride Fundraiser, benefitting CAP
  • June 4 (7-10pm): Birmingham Barons Pride Night
  • June 9 (9pm-12am): Pride Bowling
  • June 12 (7 and 9:30pm shows): Loud and Proud Drag Show at Saturn
  • June 12 (12-7pm): Pride Fest 2021 in Avondale
  • June 15 (6-10pm): Pride Skate Night
  • June 17 (7:30pm): Pride Idol, presented by CAP
  • June 19 (12pm-12am): Pride Dance Party at Ghost Train Brewing

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