Whether you celebrate or not, wishing everyone a shana tovah u’metukah, a good and sweet new year.

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Here is the line up for Alotapilates STEPtember MATness: a WEEK of virtual Mat Class fun to raise funds for STEP.


Sunday, September 12 at 10am (Jenny): 

Pilates *Stretch* and the Nervous System: Join Jenny for the kick-off class for STEPtember MATness. Incorporating nervous system movements and breath into the Pilates repertoire to feel longer and “stretched.”

Monday, September 13 at 5:30pm (Michelle): ”Return to Life” Mat: Step onto your mat and into 1945 with the 34 original mat exercises Joe published in his concise guide to health and fitness “Return to Life.”

Tuesday, September 14 at 12pm (Angela): 

Pilates Mat with Barre: Try this combo of Pilates mat with some standing barre work. What is barre? Barre combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Please have a mini ball (or mini pillow) handy.

Wednesday, September 15 at 4pm (Christy): 

Pilates Magic Circle and your Mat: STEP up your fitness with the Pilates Magic Circle and your Mat! No circle? No problem, just create resistance with cues designed to inspire your imagination.

Thursday, September 16 at 7am (Tia)**: 

Find your Flow and Wake-up Advanced Mat: Rise and shine (coffee optional) with an advanced mat class to get all your parts energized. **This class is hybrid (you may attend online or in the Studio).

Thursday, September 16 at 11am (Caryn): 

Kicking it Classical - Full Mat Work: Working the 6 original Pilates principles of concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing with the classical mat order.

Friday, September 17 at 9am (Carol):

Reformer on the Mat: No need to have a reformer, just a mat and light hand weights. Come have fun to play and explore reformer exercises on your mat. No reformer experience required.

Saturday, September 18 at 8am (Kelly): 

Pressure and Compression to Decompress: In physics, decompression refers to a reduction of pressure or compression. Move through exercises on your mat using pressure and compression to find your decompression. Intermediate plus mat.

Email info@alotapilates to sign up - let us know which classes you want to sign up for. Reminder classes will be recorded - so if you can’t attend at the time of class, we can send you the link after. Please make your donations directly to STEP via the donate link below. Suggested donations for each class is a minimum of $25.

Alotapilates is excited to match donation funds up to $2000!!!

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Move and Breathe for a Great Cause.

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