How Are You?
Thank you for being part of our village! We miss being able to connect with you in person and hope that you and your family are doing well. We understand that this pandemic has impacted your day-to-day life in many ways. And, as we all navigate this uncharted territory one day at a time, here are a few updates and reminders that we'd like to share.
Update on Services & Products

  • Our massage therapy practice remains closed. We are not able to offer in-home services at this time. We look forward to reopening when restrictions are lifted.
  • Unused monthly massages for clients with Amethyst memberships will be rolled over month-to-month until we reopen. Rose Quartz Memberships will continue to receive monthly rollover.
  • Products can be ordered online and local contact-free delivery is available.

Practice Self-Care

  • Have a seat! It's okay if you're not as productive as you're used to being.
  • Stretch! Move your body to relieve stress and promote circulation. Take a walk in between lessons, tasks, and conference calls.
  • Breathe! Take a moment right now to take three deep breaths. Deep breathing has been proven to relieve stress by releasing Oxytocin "the love hormone."
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Most importantly, stay home if you can. Sheltering-in-place may feel like an inconvenience but in reality, it is an opportunity to invest in your own well being and flatten the curve. We'll be in touch soon with more tips and strategies for supporting your well-being both now and beyond this crisis.

Blessings & Love,

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