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Welcome to the March 2015 edition of  The Hubbub.  We've missed you. 

In this power-packed newsletter, we answer the four biggest questions in West Virginia today:

How can I celebrate someone who has made a positive impact in my community?

2Is there funding to support my idea to encourage physical activity in my community? (The answer is 'yes!')

3. Where do I connect with other groups working to do the same thing?

4. What is a Hubapalooza and what does it have to do with me?

Without further ado, we give to you...


The Jean Ambrose Award:
Seeking WV's Champions of Community
Jean Ambrose in action
We know you are out there. The Hub is now seeking nominations for the 2015 Jean Ambrose Award, recognizing  an individual who, as a professional or  volunteer, has made a significant difference to West Virginia's communities and the citizens who live in them.  

Do you know someone who is worthy of recognition for their community development work?
Try This Mini-Grants - Up to $3,000!
Try This riders
The deadline to register for the  Try This Conference is fast approaching - and spots are filling up fast so don't delay.

If three or more people from your community come as a project team, you're eligible to apply for a Try This Mini-Grant of up to $3,000 to help fund your idea to encourage physical activity in your community. 
Let's Get Physical! Join the Network!
Have fun on a trail!
Your mission is simple: boost physical activity in your community.
B ut sometimes it can feel like there is no support for what you are trying to do.

That's why The Hub and our partners created the West Virginia Physical Activity Network - to connect all the efforts like yours, provide support, and share information, lessons learned and techniques for success. 

That sounds great! Sign me up! It's easy - just email The Hub's Amanda Yager to get connected to the Physical Activity Network.

You care about West Virginia, and are probably already working on community development projects that benefit your area's economy, health and social well-being.

You are not alone.


Hubapalooza 2015 will bring together West Virginia's community development volunteers and professionals, all eager and ready to share their success stories, strategies and resources with you. Sound good?

Stay up-to-date with community development news
from across West Virginia
 with the Hub Blog.