OPEN for Spring!

Happy Spring! 

It's the official "first day of spring" think you're confused?

What do your plants think?!




An Early Spring?


 smiling sun


Temperatures are getting warmer,

sun is shining brighter,

flowers are blooming everywhere...

"Is it really Spring?!"


It's been a popular question lately!

While we all enjoy the warmer weather - the next question is


"What happens if it gets cold again?"










Protect your plants!  




Freeze Pruf improves a healthy plant's natural cold tolerance up to 9� F, protecting it like anti-freeze & giving it the ability to survive ice crystal damage.


This biodegradable product will not wash away in rain or snow  ~ an application lasts up to four weeks with normal precipitation.


This may be the most important year so far to apply FreezePruf.

Prevent frozen buds, leaves & flowers by spraying your plants now!






Speaking of plants... 


Get ready for our

Bareroot Tent Event!

 bareroot tree rootsbarerootsmiling sunbareroot tree roots


Arriving soon...

 Trees & Shrubs so light -

no pots, just roots!


These plants are still dormant & can only be sold bareroot for a limited time. 
Easy to transport
Easy to plant
Easy to $ave!

Click here to
download our









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We're OPEN for Spring! 

Stop in & see us soon for your Spring planning & planting  :)

your LAMMSCAPES!  garden & design team