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March Madness
By: Ryan Penn, OKUSY
Class of 2021, Athletic COMMittee 2019-2020
The March Madness tournament is about connecting with friends more than just watching the games. Normally, we all would root for different teams, but with March Madness, we all come together, and we are rooting for a lot of the same teams. It is fun to watch the games and celebrate victories with the people around you. People get so invested in the games because they can connect to the teams through family and personal experiences. If you or a family member went to a college in the tournament, you would root for them. It is also a really big accomplishment to win and people take a lot of pride in their alumni college being better than the rest. A lot has to go into creating this tournament. In the logistic side, they need a lot of venues and the ability to sell tickets and market it on T.V. They also need a lot of teams to attend and participate in the event. Luckily, every team is honored to be able to play and would never turn down an invite. It gives them a chance to prove themselves and is a great team bonding and life experience.
COMMpletely COMMedic Jokes
By: Maddy Pollack, BIUSY
Class of 2021, Seaboard Comm VP 2019-2020, Comm IGB 2020
Since March is National Umbrella Month, here are some FABULOUS umbrella jokes to keep you dry as spring comes and brings lots of rain!
When does a detective carry an umbrella? When he’s under cover!
Why should you invest your money in a chicken proof umbrella? To use when the weather is fowl!
Why do people in cities often carry umbrellas with them? Because umbrellas can’t walk!
Why did the man put his umbrella away and open his wallet? He was hoping for some change in the weather!
Basketball: Insane On and Off the Court
By: Sara Klemow, STUSY
Class of 2021, Athletic COMMittee 2019-2020
After all my years participating in the Kadima & USY Basketball League, this has been the craziest season yet. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the season had to come to a short end after only three weeks of games. Nevertheless, the season was jam-packed with exciting games and more. Things were all over the place, but we managed to get everything together. We began the season with no team shirts, unsure of how the referees could call out players for fouls, until we were able to borrow some jerseys. While the logistics of the season had its ups and downs, everything ended up working and the games were better than ever. Believe it or not… we did have a USYer who dunked during a game this year! Congratulations to Kadima team Shaare Torah and USY team Beth El Bethesda (BEB) #1 who were undefeated this season! Special thanks to Ryan Penn, Hannah Altman, Maddy Pollack, Gabe Kanter-Goodell, Michael Becker, Ashira Brown, Aaron Klemow, Corey Bass, Donna Meltzer, Ben Meltzer, and all team coaches for helping to make this season great!
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AIPAC Update
By: Ben Rosenthal, CBEUSY
Class of 2021, Seaboarder Editor 2019-2020
The 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference was 
truly a sight to be seen. Presidential and prime minister candidates spoke, breakout sessions were held, and there were tons of speakers in politics and American-Israeli affairs. 

It was a very important week in politics 
due to the policy conference and Super Tuesday, a part of the presidential primary race. Almost every then-presidential candidate spoke.

Many people in the current American 
cabinet spoke including Vice President Mike Pence, and senator Cory Booker. Those speeches were the most popular on the two sides of the political spectrum but I am obligated to state AIPAC is a BIPARTISAN organization (iykyk).

One of the most controversial topics of 
the weekend was Bernie Sanders not only opting out of attending, but speaking out against it calling the organization a bunch of “bigots”. Despite being Jewish himself, and having lived on a kibbutz many decades ago, Bernie Sanders has spoken out against AIPAC, Israel, the Israeli government, and “the oppression of the Palestinian people”. These are all claims that lead people, especially the members of AIPAC, to believe Bernie Sanders is anti-Israel, but he always says publicly that he is pro-Israel. It’s up to you to gather your own political opinions. 

If you ever get the opportunity to attend 
the AIPAC Policy Conference, I highly recommend you do so. It is truly a life changing experience.
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Words with Seaboard ~ מילים עם סיבורד
Hebrew word of the month: Word
Word: ( כדורסל) ( ka-dor-sahl)
Means: Basketball
Word in COMMtext: I can’t wait to see you next year at USY כדורסל!
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