Do you know how to set up and use run of show pricing?runofshow

It's the time of year when a lot of people are setting up their upcoming seasons. Do you use run of show pricing when you set them up? It's an easy and quick way to input ticket pricing that will be available for every show. 

Wintix 6 has added a lot of diverse functionality to run of show pricing. Did you know you can set up on sale and off sale dates for different price categories? Or that you can have minimum and maximum tickets sold for any particular price category?

Find out which performances use a particular seating plan in Wintix 6

You need to remove a couple of seats in a seating plan but when you try to do it, Wintix won't let you because you've already used this plan to sell tickets to some performances. Well, how do you quickly find out what those performances are?

Wintix 6 has a new feature that lets you find all of them with the click of a mouse.

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volunteersHow do you manage your volunteers?

Inquiring minds - and dedicated software developers - want to know. As part of our ongoing mission to refine and improve what our software can help you do, we would really appreciate if you could take a moment and tell us how you manage volunteers, and how we might help you do it better and easier.

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