Congratulations to our First Communion
& Confirmation Classes!!
A Letter from Our Principal!
The Firehawks are welcoming in Spring!! Although the winter was pretty hard-pressed to leave us, we are finally getting it to gradually inch it’s way out the door. As people who live in Nebraska, we are usually up for anything the weather throws at us; however, she has done a good job of testing our endurance. The floods that ravaged the area have been devastating for many, and will have ripple effects for the coming year or more. At St. Vincent de Paul, one of the ways that we are helping out is through a quarter drive that began on March 22 and will continue through April 5 th . To make the drive a little fun, we came up with the idea of “a Quarter equals a Kiss or Hug” for the flood victims. For every quarter that students or others bring in, we add a Hershey Kiss or Hug to a container. Our large container has a Beanie Bear in it and the students were tasked with trying to cover the bear with hugs and kisses for the people who have been effected most by the floods. Excitement for this was pretty evident; the students brought in $150.00 the first day!! All the money brought in will be sent to Catholic Social Services, where they will distribute it to those who need it. It has been a lot of fun to watch the bear quickly get surrounded by the hugs and kisses, a really great analogy of what our kids would do if they had the personal chance! At the close of the day on Friday, March 29, we had covered the bear completely and brought in $380.50 of quarters. We have this week to go, and I think we are going to need another container for the overflow. Give the students a task, and they will get it handled. We help those in need, because it is a human response to reach out to the people who are hurting the most. God asks us to give to others in a time of need. Our students and staff at St. Vincent de Paul School are keepers of that request from God. As we begin a new month, we pray for those who have lost some hope, and ask God to renew us all, for Spring is indeed a time of renewal. May the Lord Bless you all during these last few weeks of Lent!! 
Mrs. Denise Ray
Your Call to Stewardship!...
This newsletter highlights the blessings of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Easter Season. You can also find the Easter week Mass schedule inside this issue, as well as a beautiful article about our music ministry.

Classroom of the Month ~ Mrs. Bohaty
We’ve added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided. We’ve practiced counting money and telling time. We spent lots of time reading stories and working on our comprehension skills. We learned to spell many new words. We created beautiful works of art. But, most importantly, we learned more about Jesus and how much he loves us! He loves us so much; he was willing to die for us. We felt great excitement as we prepared to receive the sacraments. Therefore, we rejoiced when we went to Confession and felt his forgiveness. When we received Him in Holy Communion, we were filled with joy!

The year is not over yet! We still have several upcoming events. We will be going to Concordia University for a Wellness Day. In a couple of weeks, we will be visiting the hospital for Pediatric Orientation. They will teach us what expect if we need to go to the hospital. We’re also planning a field trip to Lincoln to meet our pen pals from Blessed Sacrament School. Throughout the year, we’ve been writing letters to them. We’ve had a very busy year, learning many new things and growing closer to Jesus.
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Living Stations of the Cross!
Please join us for the Living Stations of the Cross acted out by our St. Vincent de Paul
Students on Wednesday, April 17th at 2:20 pm in the Sanctuary!
May 1: Last night of CCD-GP
May 12 at 10 a.m.Baccalaureate Mass for parish high school graduates
June 2-6: High School Totus Tuus (evening)
June 3-7: Gr. 1-8 Totus Tuus (grades that children will be in the Fall 2019)
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