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Nhaler is proud to announce 4 new flavors of e-liquids in our NHale/ Xhale line. We will be introducing a 6mg strength option to several liquids in this line. The next 6mg flavors to be released have been chosen according to sales. Keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, our new liquids are the first of many to be available in 6mg strength. Try them all!  We look forward to your input! 

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Cast Away, you may ask yourself why would we call one of our e-liquids that and the answer is simple. The perfect blend of coconut and other exotic tropical fruits will whisk you away to your own tropical paradise where there isn't a care in the world. 

Currently Available in 24mg and 6mg strengths

This popular snack was brought into the world in the late 1800's and has been a staple in homes since then. The perfect blend of fig and pastry has made it an American classic and mow it's available as an e-liquid exclusively at NHaler!

Currently Available in 24mg and 6mg strengths
NHale/XHale | High Voltage | Lemon Drewlato

The brisk, refreshing taste of lemon is always welcome after a meal. In this velvety ice cream, cr�me fra�che contributes richness and a flavor reminiscent of cheesecake. If you didn't think we could make it one of our custom e-liquids, guess again. 

Currently Available in 24mg and 6mg strengths 

Don't let the name fool you this delicious e-liquid is without a doubt on the shelf! What is the N/A flavor you ask? it's mix of strawberries, cream, vanilla and all types of other surprises, just like a gourmet Strawberry Creme Brulee.

Currently Available in 24mg and 6mg strengths
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