March 19th is National Poultry Day. Agriculture is the largest industry in Mississippi and the top industry in ag is poultry. There are dozens of chicken farms across the state that raise the birds for meat and eggs. On National Poultry Day we celebrate the farmers who work hard to provide for us, provide jobs for local Mississippians, and produce poultry for consumers nationwide. The Mississippi Farmers Market is proud of the work farmers are doing, we have our own farmers who bring in fresh chicken eggs every weekend. To recognize national poultry day you could start your day off with those fresh eggs from the market paired with bacon for a traditional southern breakfast. Chicken dinners are also a big seller in the South. The Mississippi Farmers Market can help complete your meal whether you are making a roasted chicken, fried chicken or even grilled chicken sandwiches. Grab some fresh vegetables to go along side and some homemade bread. We have everything you need to celebrate the "yard bird' at the Mississippi Farmers Market.

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