March 2017
Message from Shanon Shea Miller
AICP, Director

In honor of St Patrick's Day, our newsletter has gone green! We are also offering a guided run this month that explores Irish Heritage in Downtown San Antonio as part of our regular SApreservation 5k series. Read below for more details. A big thank you goes to Burleson Yard for hosting this event.
OHP recently hosted a two-day, historic wood window certification course at the Richter House at Hemisfair. Similar to the recent Realtor Training, the objective of the course is to give professionals and contractors hands-on training on preservation-related fields. Thirteen participants physically dismantled, repaired, and reinstalled the windows and framing at the Richter House. Facilitated through the Rehabber Club , this initiative provided a valuable educational opportunity, and contractors who completed the course received a certification and listing on a future Rehabber Club website. We are excited to expand training opportunities even further this year!

In the spirit of hands-on learning, I am also very excited to announce our first ever Rehabarama event which will be held May 13 as part of Preservation Month. Rehabarama is designed to be a showcase of community building and preservation in action. We've been working closely with the Council District 2 office to identify homes in need and will be addressing maintenance and repair issues on Harding Place in the Denver Heights Neighborhood. This single-day event closes with a fun block party at Pittman-Sullivan Park. Thank you so much to our partners, sponsors, and contractors who have already committed to supporting the event. But we still need many more volunteers to make a big impact! Please read below to learn how to get involved.

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Upcoming Events
Ever think of the Irish history in San Antonio? Our second guided fun run in 2017 will cover history about Irish communities and heritage here in SA!

Rehabarama is a single-day event where volunteers, local contractors, students, corporate teams, and neighborhood leaders will join together to revitalize and restore an entire city block with aging housing stock in the historic neighborhood of Denver Heights. Visit our  website  for event details. 

We are currently collecting sponsorship commitments for Rehabarama. You can support this event by making a one-time donation, providing in-kind materials or services, adopting a house, or simply by signing up as a volunteer.

It's the Mini-Golf party of the year! Join us for food, drinks, music, mini-golf, prizes, and a medal unveiling for OHP and PoP 2017 Fiesta medals. Ticket and medal sales will support hands-on preservation programs taking place this year. Register and pre-purchase your medals today!
What is Preservation Month?
Preservation Month is a time for communities across the country to engage in their heritage. The City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation celebrates Preservation Month by hosting a number of fun and educational events that showcase the unique and historic character of San Antonio. Be sure to check our website for updates on Preservation Month events such as the Amazing Preservation Race and Amazing Preservation Race for Kids!
Programs and Initiatives
The next STAR project (Students Together Achieving Revitalization) is scheduled for April 1-2 and 8-9 in the Mission Historic District. Currently, we are planning on completing exterior repair and maintenance work on over 10 houses through collaboration with UTSA and San Antonio Colleges. This is a free service provided to eligible property owners and provides great experience for architecture and construction students. Read more...

From OHP Staff
Katie's Corner
Let’s talk about gutters! With as much rain as we have received recently in San Antonio, requests to install new gutters on historic structures are often submitted to our office. A certificate of appropriateness (COA) is required to install new and to replace existing gutters. New gutters should not obstruct character-defining architectural details such as exposed rafter tails. In some cases, requests to install gutters may require approval by the Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) for review. When in doubt please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions: 210-207-0035

- Katie
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