March Newsletter: Issue #15

How To Enable Multiple Screens

Using multiple screens at once can help you get more done in less time by allowing you to navigate between information more easily.  

You can now use up to 3 screens while you work in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 software, by switching to Multi-Monitor mode.  

Image showing how to turn on Multi-monitor support in QuickBooks Desktop

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

This is Why You Click On Those Cat Videos:
What Facebook Has Discovered

If you ever wonder how social media feeds are built, Fortune has an i nteresting article about something Facebook has discovered: every user has 2 distinct identities, their behavioral self and their aspirational self.  

As the article explains more fully, if asked, people will say they like certain content such as news stories but then do not engage with it in their feed --this is the aspirational self.  

Instead users  click, like and share more frivolous (sometimes sordid) content, which Facebook calls your behavioral self.  

So according to Facebook's VP overseeing the News Feed, "Facebook is most popular when it serves both the aspirational self and the behavioral self, with the same feed."  This is a big part of how the content in your feed is determined.  

Find out more about the psychology of media in Fortune's article:  

Do You Use Facebook's QR Reader?

If you use Facebook on your phone, you may have noticed or previously used the QR Code Reader.  

When you see a QR - a barcode like the one below - you can use the reader in the Facebook app to align the code within the frame and follow the link.  

Usually QRs are like hyperlinks that lead to a website, but they can also do things like pull up an address in Maps, or add contact info to your phone.  

This QR should take you to our Facebook page:

Be Careful of This Scam by WizAdwords!

Accounting Therapy received the fake email below -- be careful as it has been going around recently.  WizAdwords seems to be hoping to confuse people who receive their email into associating their graphic with Google/Google Adwords.  

The email says there is a balance owed for "GoogleSEO for your website" because the service failed to auto renew in your account, and requests a payment through paypal for the amount owed.  

Google operates the similarly named Google Adwords, and the colors are not the same but bare a definite resemblance to the colors use in Google's trademarked logo.  

Here's an example of one of their emails:

It may warn you: "Avoid blocking your website in Google.  5 days left to block."  "Without this service your site does not appear in Google searches."  And similar threats.  

Always be suspicious of invoices sent from a company you don't remember working with.  

Keep in mind there are several ways the scammer try to lull you into thinking it is a legitimate request.  For example the very standard line you can see in any invoice: "If you have already made the payment please disregard this email."

You can find out more tips and about how your company's biggest security threat may be you in this article:

You Can Purchase QuickBooks  On Our Website

We have Desktop products available to buy on our website!

You can learn more about software options and even download a free trial of QuickBooks Enterprise to see if you like it.  Select a product to view more of its features:

Rocket Bookkeeping Services

Rocket Bookkeeping is the bookkeeping division of Accounting Therapy.   

We only offer bookkeeping solutions that make sense for your business.  Y ou c hoose how often we update your books (on a monthly basis, bi-weekly, quarterly, etc.). 

We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors specializing in setup/customize new company file and new bank accounts, update transactions, reconcile bank accounts, data migrations, training, payroll, and much more!  

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Why You Should Think Twice 
Before Using Your Debit Card

Last week MSN came out with this brief video making the case for using credit cards instead of debit cards, because they offer more protection.  

We recommend looking into your credit card's rewards program, you can often times save or earn money for purchases you're already making. 

The video also has tips on how to avoid fraudulent charges on your account:

Why Do Businesses Move To The Cloud?

If you've ever wondered what cloud accounting is, this article from Intuit provides a brief explanation of how data is stored in "the cloud" and how some businesses like Netflix benefit from using a cloud storage option.  

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