Volume 5| May 2019
JanineTheMachine June 2019 Newsletter
This month's issue features a Core Challenge for Spring, Our recipe of the month is a delicious Spinach and Avocado smoothie. This month's article is on not getting discouraged when on your journey to health and fitness! Barre class highlighted. Summer Class session begins July 1st. June schedule below. Sign up anytime.
Sign up for Classes anytime! Or just drop in.
Mix and match classes as much as you like
Walk-ins always welcome - $10
Get unlimited classes for the price of 4 weekly classes!!
First class always Free!
Classes all through the summer.
**Pilates class now every Friday at 5:15**
June 2019 Class Schedule

  • Monday 8am/5pm Zumba/Tone 
  • Monday 5:50pm Stretch 
  • Tuesday 8am/5pm Strong*
  • Tuesday 9am Stretch*
  • Tuesday 6:00pm Barre with Pilates
  • Wednesday 8am Zumba/tone
  • Wednesday 9am Stretch  
  • Thursday 8am Barre with Pilates
  • Thursday 10:15am Zumba Gold -*Senior Center*
  • Thursday 5:00pm Zumba/Tone
  • Thursday 5:50pm Stretch 
  • Friday 8am Strong 
  • Friday 5:15pm Pilates
  • Saturday 8am Zumba/Tone

*No morning classes on the first Tuesday of each month*
Barre Class Highlighted!
This class combines work at the Barre with Pilates mat work. It will focus on the glutes and hamstrings as well as strengthening the core to sculpt a long lean body and a tight tush. 

Offering 2 weekly classes:
Tuesday 6pm
Thursday 8am

Recipe of the month:
This smoothie contains about 350 calories and can be a great lunch alternative if you add some Hemp protein powder to it, which will bump up the calorie count by just over 100 calories (I get Hemp Vanilla Protein powder at Trader Jo's), but ensure you are getting a good nutritious lunch. It's so easy to make if you have the ingredients on hand. Make sure you have a good blender that will crush ice - I use a Vitamix but there are others out there that will work just as well.

  • June 3rd: Walk 2 miles
  • June 4th: Outside: 30 jumping jacks. 30 walking lunges.
  • June 5th. 4 mile bike ride or 1 mile jog or 2 mile walk.
  • June 6th  Outside: 30 push ups. 30 squats.
  • June 7th. Walk 3 miles
  • June 8th. Outside: 10 minutes of super skaters
  • June 9th. Bike 5 miles or jog 1.5 miles or walk 3 miles.
  • June 10th. Outside: 10 minutes of skipping.
  • June 11th. Walk 4 miles or jog 1.5 miles.
  • June 12th. Outside: 20 jacks. 20 walking lunges. 20 bird dogs. 20 crunches

ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING. On land or in the Pool!!! Summer is here!

A great way to begin or maintain your overall health and fitness. Nutrition advice offered and personalized fitness plans. Flexible hours including weekends.


"one of the biggest hurdles people face when trying to achieve their health and fitness goals. It's easy to figure out what you would like to achieve and where you would like to be in 6 months, a year or two. What is not so easy is making that journey from where you are now, to where you want to be....."
  • Hyaluronic acid moisturizing syrum
  • Anti Wrinkle night cream
  • Home made hand cut soaps
  • Chocolate mint chapstick
  • Scented candles
  • Natural hair spray

J ust a few of the items available to order. Click link above for details and prices.