June 2017

Practice and power of Observation...

Observation is a process of watching carefully what is unfolding. It is a process of becoming aware and present to what is taking place. It provides us with enough energy and information to make the shift in the right direction.

Every time the challenge presents itself it is because within you there is a vibration/belief or condition that has not been integrated yet. It comes up from within you(even though it might be triggered by external stimuli) to the light so you can see it and process it NOW: Observe it, feel it, experience it(the energy of "it") and learn from it! The more you practice observing, the faster you recognize it and quicker it shifts. Then that "thing" will have less and less hold of you, and eventually will no longer be a part of your reality. 

When you notice and recognize what it was(an old pattern/energy), you will remember quicker to bring yourself into alignment with what is TRUE, REAL and possible. When you raise your vibration, when you simply observe and become more loving and compassionate to yourself and your experiences, your reality shifts! You expand into a new realm of possibilities. And by shifting your reality you affecting the reality of the WHOLE!

With LOVE ,

Dr. Tatiana

Introduction to

Thursday, June 8 | 7 pm


"Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of 'Body' work in our times: the leading edge of Body-Mind-Spirit Integration." - Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion

Anyone who is at the crossroads of life, physically, emotionally or spiritually, or anyone who cannot get further than they were before needs Network Care (or NSA) to help the brain and Nervous System(Operating System) to move from stress physiology and defense posture into safety and growth.

When the "processor of life" called the Nervous System is distorted, it dims the ability of the Body to express Health, and the Soul to express Life! 
Join Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, NSA practitioner and Wellness enthusiast, and learn how NSA helps reorganize the patterns of tension/distortion that hold us in defense, how NSA changes our behaviors and perceptions about ourselves and the world, and helps us to heal our wounds and become whole.
Come and bring your friends to learn how NSA can benefit you and your family, and see the results of some people who already benefited from Network Care!

There is a Magic in a Healthy Spine!

Only 12 spots available!


Thursday, June 8 | 7 PM
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235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102
Sarasota, FL34236
(Orange Professional Center)

Introduction to
and Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing

Wednesday, June 14 | 6 pm
at GOODWILL Manasota


The 12 Stages of Healing (more recently been called as 12 Stages of Extraordinary Experiencing) were discovered by Donny Epstein, developer and creator of Network Spinal Analysis.

In his book of the same name, he shares that all human beings go though the same path or stages of healing/experiencing. Each stage has a unique rhythm and consciousness, and when experienced, helps us to reconnect with parts of ourselves that's been ignored, disliked, traumatized or not forgiven. 

Healing means being with IT or Experiencing, and therefore is an integration of all the apparently separated parts into a whole.

The stages are grouped into 4 Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. These Seasons determine the way you experiencing yourself and your life. Join Dr.Tatiana Agafonova, D.C. for this interactive class and learn about the stages and rhythms of life that we all going through, and how using our focused attention and breath can instantly change our reality, bring more peace and make us more whole.


Goodwill Manasota - Mecca
5150 N Tamiami Trl.
Sarasota, FL 34234
SRI hands on workshop, Part I

Saturday, June 17 | 1 - 3 pm

Based on "The 12 Stages of Healing" (by Dr. Donald Epstein) and Somato-Respiratory Integration(SRI) Exercises , this workshop, led by Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, will help you to connect to Your Body, Breath, Your Internal Rhythms, and Parts that have been disconnected from your awareness. Instead of running away from pain, created by such disconnection, Discover and learn how connecting to your body, breath and the rhythm of each stage of healing, enables you to connect to the power of your transformation. Discover how increased awareness and re-connection changes your inner state, your body responses, and creates more peace, self-forgiveness and love. Overview of stages of healing, and hands-on time connecting to the first three rhythms collectively called
Season of Discover.

"For 2 years, I suffered from a stabbing mid-back pain that I thought was from a diagnosed herniated disc. I tried several different types of treatment, but wasn't able to get any long term relief from the pain. After practicing SRI with Dr Tatiana, I had a realization that the pain was emotionally driven from a situation that occurred around the time of the diagnosis. Then suddenly the pain disappeared and I have barely felt  it since!" - S. Cooper 

*** Class Recommended to EVERYONE. 
Connect to your breath, your body and it's wisdom.***

Saturday, June 17 | 1 - 3 PM

Location TBA

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or call (941) 953-2209

TUITION: $45 (repeat $10 off)
Re-0rganizationaly Speaking...

Wednesday, June 28 & July 26 | 7pm

"The amount of Energy you have available determines the thoughts you think, the dreams you have, your conversations, your physical form, and everything else! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!" - Donny Epstein

Join Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, Re-organizational Healing practitioner and Wellness enthusiast, from the comfort of your home, every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Enjoy this Free online Teleclass, and receive guidance, wisdom, clarity and shift of perception that will enable you to further your progress and evolution.

Bring your questions, share about your challenges, and together lets find the best solution(s), Re-organizationally speaking, unique for YOU, that will boost your Energies, shift your perceptions and will help you optimize your life experiences.

"Life doesn't happen TO you, it happens FOR you!" - Tony Robbins 

Every fourth Wednesday of the month 
June 28 & July 26 | 7 PM
for more information and questions 
or call (941) 953-2209

Breathing is not just for oxygen; it’s now linked to brain function and behavior.  A new study reports the rhythm of your breathing can influence neural activity that enhances memory recall and emotional judgement.
Another reason to join our Somaro-Respiratory Integration(SRI) hands-on workshops! Register for SRI part I, Season of Discover, HERE

June 10 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm at Rising Tide International

The Grandmothers teach about the spirit of oneness, the connection between all living beings, the need to rise up and protect the sacred elements and all of life. They talk about the spirit of The We – how we must act in these times for the We, for seven generations.
Cost: $110. For more information click HERE

For All you Humans who still Believe in Magic…
Join us at the Fairy Faire where Dr. Tatiana will be sharing about the Magic of the healthy Spine!

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Join us!

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