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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Happy Thanksgiving

from People for Life!

We hope everyone has a happy and memorable holiday. We can certainly be thankful that the weather has improved!

January pro-life events just weeks away

Please take advantage of the holiday season to remind others about People for Life's three major pro-life events, coming this January.

January 14 45th Annual Pro-Life Breakfast with Patricia Sandoval

January 19-21 50th Annual Bus Trip to the DC March for Life

January 28 Erie March for Life

The links above are for pages on our website. Please also keep an eye on:

We have full-page flyers for you to print and use as handouts, and to display on bulletin boards.

FLYERS ... Breakfast | Bus Trip | Erie March

Reservations for the Breakfast are now on sale, online and through our office: $22 regular ticket, $14 ages 3-12, and free under 3.

March for Life Bus Trip seats are $65 ($60 until December 19). Once again this year, there is financial help available for those who need it, courtesy of some local donors. Bus reservations can be made online or through our office.

Patricia Sandoval is going to speak at the Pro-Life Breakfast. She will share perhaps the most remarkable and moving story ever presented at our annual gathering.

Patricia's life began in a sheltered family environment, before her family disintegrated. In her early 20s, she was facing a hopeless existence as a homeless drug addict. During this time, she had three abortions and took a job at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Today, Patricia is the author of an amazing autobiography titled, Transfigured, a story of forgiveness and redemption, after a bumpy road back from the abyss. It is a real tearjerker.


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