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November 2019
Happy Thanksgiving! 
We were extremely excited to have been awarded the 2019 Silver Prism Award for the installation of an all glass elevator project at Union Wharf in Boston.  We teamed up with Oasis Specialty Glass and Apex Carpentry to complete this installation.  Check out the link below in the newsletter to see more pictures.

For those that have been to our Center recently know that we are busy renovating to complete the 'Accessibility Living Suite!' It's an exciting time for us as we work with Cardi's, Rhode Island Kitchen & Bath and Wickford Applicance to finalize the kitchen and suite.  Next is a working elevator and plans are in place as we start this project.  Please excuse the 'mess' as we undergo these renovations!

One thing to consider is to have a safety assessment done by Home Healthsmith.  We can help you determine where the fall risks are in the home and help you prepare the home for the upcoming winter season.

We will be closed on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th so that our employee's may spend time with their families.  We are still available for service related calls. 

If you are interested in learning more about the various types of accessibility products, please give us a call to schedule a presentation or stop by our facility at 207 High Point Ave., Unit 2 in Portsmouth, RI.

We are here to help! 
 Linda & Bill
Home Healthsmith Wins 2019 Silver Prism Award

The Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (B.R.A.G.B.) awarded a 2019 Silver Prism Award  to Home Healhsmithâ„¢ as the participating Boston Area Elevator Company.

B.R.A.G.B. recognizes the finest projects and outstanding achievements of builders, developers, project owners, architects, land planners, marketing/advertising firms, interior designers, remodelers, and other professionals in the home building industry. Winning a coveted PRISM Award is a sign of excellence in your field and recognition of superior achievement.

Residential Elevator Installation In Boston MA Luxury Townhouse Condo

Home Healthsmith Calendar...
Join us on the road at the following events
                         Nov 19:   Coventry Skilled Nursing & Rehab
            Coventry, RI
            12:00 pm 
            Home Healthsmith Presenting

                         Dec 3:   Neuro Restorative
                                          Charlestown, RI
                                          12:30 pm
                                          Home Healthsmith Presenting

   Dec 6:  Woodpecker Hill Health Center
                                           Greene, RI
                                           12:30 pm
                                           Home Healthsmith Presenting
        Dec 12 :   Presentation & Tour to CCRI Class
                           The Center for Adaptive Living at High Point
                           207 High Point Ave, Unit 2
                           Portsmouth, RI
                           11:30 am - 1:15 pm
                           Home Healthsmith Presenting


Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations for the elderly?

Close to 1 in 3 individuals aged 65 or over fall every year

The goal of fall prevention month is to draw attention to and create awareness of the magnitude in which falls affect us all directly or indirectly.  Read more here...

Why we do what we do...

"I love my platform lift. It has made my life a lot more manageable. I have less stress because I don't have to worry about struggling to get up the stairs into my house. I also don't have to worry about tripping and falling on the stairs.

Thank you Bill and Linda"
Bob Soares
'ACT' of Kindness Holiday Charitable Giving Drive

Aging Community Tools (ACT), a community-based organization of dedicated South Coast Professionals offering resources for navigating the future, is pleased to announce their 'ACT' of Kindness Holiday Charitable Giving Drive.

ACT is collecting toiletry items and partnering with Coastline's Home Care program to identify those most in need.  Coastline will also distribute the items collected.

Toiletries for adults may be dropped off by Dec. 10 at the following locations:
  • Caregiver Homes
  • Home Healthsmith
  • Our Lady's Haven
  • Vibra Hospital
  • SouthCoast Behavioral Health Hospital

Home Healthsmith & Cardi's Exhibit, November 15th
at the Assistive Technology Conference of New England
We have teamed up with Cardi's to provide more options to help keep you at home, safe and comfy!


Linda & Bill Bohmbach

Home Healthsmithâ„¢ provides in-home solutions that allow you to maintain your level of comfort without compromising your health and safety. 

Visit our website  to learn more. 

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