Issue 38 | November 25, 2020
Lea Filson, Executive Director, See Plymouth
Happy Thanksgiving! This remarkable American holiday is one we claim as our own in America’s Hometown. What happened here was the basis for the day of thanksgiving celebrated across America today. As we all plan smaller gatherings this year, we do so with hope that a vaccination is on the way to quell the pandemic. 

The consequence has been felt by all of us. COVID fatigue is real as many will attest. Take a few minutes during this holiday weekend and give thanks for all you have and allow the fatigue to disappear for a day.

Shopping local is what Black Friday will be about this year. Throughout the county local businesses will welcome you. Spend locally so that we can help each other through the economic woes we have experienced due to the pandemic. In the town of Plymouth, See Plymouth will be open both Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so while you are shopping, plan to stop by 4 North Street for a cup of hot cider. Dine at our award-winning restaurants and walk the beautiful waterfront…all social distancing and mask wearing of course.
On Monday, See Plymouth and Plymouth 400 partnered in a national radio media tour telling Americans about what is waiting for them once they can travel. The interviews were very promising with lots of talk of visiting Plymouth and Plymouth county. You should plan a road trip soon as well. There is so much to experience outside our back doors.
The depressing surveys and metrics we have been looking at since March are starting to show some upward curves. With news of the vaccination on the horizon, people are already planning where they will vacation, and Plymouth County will be a destination to watch. Between our history, our outdoor attractions, our cranberry red beauty and our friendly hospitality, we have so much to share. Throughout the pandemic See Plymouth has reminded the region and the nation that we are ready when it’s time, and we will be there as we recover and beyond. names Plymouth One of the Best Places
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