Happy Thanksgiving!

What better time to thank all of you, our supporters for your ongoing belief in our programs and campaigns designed to bring awareness to the problems of drunk, drugged and distracted driving (the 3D's). We not only educate you about these dangers but also provide you action items you can implement and share with others so they too will learn how to drive safe.

#BUTNOTWHILEDRIVING - When you add these words to your mobile device signature, you are letting everyone know that distracted driving is socially unacceptable. You are also giving them fair warning that you do not use your mobile device while driving and they shouldn’t either. It is a simple message that says a lot.

#TheCouragetoIntervenePromise - Everyone knows you are not supposed to drive impaired but some people seem to ignore common sense. The Promise goes beyond asking people not to drink and drive or drive distracted, it asks the passengers to intervene when their lives are at stake. If every passenger kept their driver from driving irresponsibly, thousands of lives would be saved.  You and your family and friends can sign the Promise and keep others from dangerous driving.

The Drop the “A” Word Campaign – Motor vehicle “Accidents” don’t just happen. They are usually the result of someone’s poor driving choice. Those of us who have been impacted by the 3 D’s feel victimized again and again each time we hear that word when referring to our crash. Someone made the CHOICE to drive impaired. Someone made the CHOICE to drive distracted. The media is especially guilty of using the word accident despite our efforts encouraging them to report accurately.  We even convinced AP Style Guide to recommend “when negligence is claimed or proven, avoid accident, which can be read as exonerating the person responsible.” Learn more about why we launched this campaign and support victims and survivors by signing our petition.
Driving High Means a DUI - Drugged driving is dangerous, especially driving under the influence of marijuana. We Save Lives along with DUID Victim Voices launched a petition drive notifying our legislators that they need to take action to prevent more crashes from marijuana impaired driving. We even developed a policy statement to help them implement solutions to the problem. Please share with your Representatives.

Reflections from Inside - This viral award-winning video has had such an impact all over the world. The military uses it, especially during the pandemic when our speakers find it difficult to travel, law enforcement use it in their presentations along with driving schools and so many others. Please feel free to show to your organizations, family and or friends. It will make them “think twice.”

Our Stories - Poignantly shared from crash survivors are a call to action for everyone who reads these heartfelt narratives. Please add your story if you would like to share it with others.

Our Blog - Is informative, educational, can be controversial and we welcome guest contributors.

We also want to thank our many, many Partners in our anticrime efforts. It has been a pleasure working with all of them. It is a real joy when we all come together to support each other’s campaigns to keep everyone safe while travelling.

We Save Lives would not be We Save Lives without our Sponsors. These companies and organizations have shown their support by investing in us and our programs. If your company would like to show your support and help build your brand you can contact us at through our website or email us at info@wesavelvies.org.

Last but my no means least, we would like to give a very special thanks to our Board of Directors and our Board of Advisors. No organization can succeed without a dedicated leadership and We Save Lives has the best! We would also like to thank our webmasters, compliments of Dauntless Communications. They do a fantastic job!

We have more to do so “Save the Date – January 23-30 when we will be announcing a brand new first of it’s kind campaign to keep you and your loved ones safe!

Please note, we have moved. We Save Lives has a new address.

We Save Lives wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.
We need your support to help us keep you and your loved ones safe while traveling our roadways.