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The Colorado Cross-Disabilities Coalition awarded the Fall 2021 Kathy Vincent Community Award for Effective Communication to the City for being the first city to create and publish a Transition Plan for Web Accessibility in an effort to make all its electronic communications fully accessible.  

Kevin McDaniel, ADA/Web Accessibility Coordinator, along with Robert Hernandez, Manager of the Office of Accessibility, and City communications, legal, and information technology staff worked to make this plan a reality. 

The City's plan for implementation of HB 21-1110 can serve as a road map and model and for all cities, counties and public agencies across the state.

CONGRATULATIONS from the HLAA Colorado Springs Chapter!

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) is the premier organization in Colorado advocating for disability rights. We work with individuals, service providers, businesses, and government agencies to ensure that people with all types of disabilities have equal rights and equal access. Our motto is “Nothing About Us Without Us.”

About the Kathy Vincent Award: Kathy Vincent helped found the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. She was born 50 years before the passing of the ADA. cerebral palsy and a speech impairment made it difficult for her to communicate and as a result she was often dismissed by society. The last 18 months of her life, Kathy was finally able to use an accessible communication device that changed her ability to give her voice impact. 

We Are Thankful for Duane's Continued Recovery
Recent Update from Duane:

"MY HEARTFELT APPRECIATION TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS, CARDS, CALLS, MEALS, FLOWERS AND GIFTS OF SUPPORT FOR BARB. Coming up November 7th, I will have been out of commission for two full months. I can’t believe it. I have lost track of the days but it did take 32 days to “escape” UC Memorial Central. 

"The heart part has been going great. They gave me an aortic valve made from cow tissue. Because of the severe Ogilvie Syndrome and small intestine bacterial infection, things were prolonged. Now that I am out of the hospital and being treated for that infection things are moving forward. I am hoping the weeks of 3-4 doctor appointments are behind me.

"I start PT on Monday and am looking forward to getting stronger quicker. When will I be back full speed? I wish I knew! Progress is slower than I expected but it is good. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR ME AND BARB."
"Barb here…The adventure continues and we’re so blessed…and he’s his own writer now! Love and Hugs" 
We Also Give Thanks for Being Able to Start
Seeing More of Each Other!

It was like old times...
In October we had a Chapter social at Fargos with Ann Belfiglio whom we haven't seen since she moved to Pennsylvania. Attending were Bette, Geri and Dan, Dixie, Pauline, Vickie, along with special guests Paula DeJohn (HLAA Denver Chapter), and Yolanda Avila (Colorado Springs City Councilmember District 4) and her fiance Leroy Martinez. Pictures courtesy of Paula DeJohn. Thanks, Paula!

Also in October, Pauline (HLAA-CS Social Chair) scheduled a hike in Garden of the Gods followed by lunch at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. Hiking with Pauline is Paula (from the Denver Chapter). Joining them for lunch is (left-to-right) are Daisy, Bev, Pauline, Paula, and Dan and Geri.
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