Happy Thanksgiving!

Join us for worship and grace before your Thanksgiving dinner!

Today, Nov. 21 at 7 PM
Tomorrow, Nov. 22 at 9:30 AM

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Need to Work Off Dessert? (Corrected)
Fri., Nov. 23, 8 AM
Treat yourself to that second piece of pie and then join us Friday morning for
an hour or two to help set up Immanuel's outdoor nativity. Many hands make light work!
Immanuel's Mission

 The Word of God is at the foundation of all we do.
We welcome and equip people to follow Christ and live authentic faith.
We are a family that demonstrates our faith in Christ
by the way we love, support, and grow together.

Developing Today’s Disciples 
Church 630 879 7163, 8-4 PM
School 630 406 0157, 8-4 PM