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Thanksgiving, 2015

Black Friday Sale at VMP Tuning

The sale runs now through Monday night.  Phone support is available Friday and Monday.  Your special savings discount codes are:

GOBBLE        10% off the VMP store*
KOOKS20      20% off all our Kooks exhaust products
BMR15           15% off all BMR Suspension components online
STEEDA15     15% off all Steeda stuff in the store

Storewide savings of 10% even includes the amazing VMP GEN II TVS Supercharger kits for 2011-16 Mustang GT.  The quality, fit, finish and of course performance are second to none.  Our 2015 5.0 sports our Stage 3 kit with an 82mm pulley for 10psi.  How's she run?  Click the link and take a peek!

        Then, just 3 days later we lay down another killer pass. 

9's are just around the corner!

Here's a look at the Stage 3 kit installed in our 2015 Mustang GT

The Stage kits for 2011-16 Mustang GT are 10% off MSRP until Sunday and only online at our online store!  Remember, the Black Friday savings code word is 'GOBBLE' and it's good throughout the store!

The Performance Racing Industry Show is December 10-12 in Indiana polis. It's open to rac ing and performance professionals only but we'll be posting lots of pictures from the event on our Facebook page.  We'll be there and you can  click here  for the PRI m ap to the VMP Performance booth #2725.    
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Speaking of new stuff-
VMP's new Heavy Duty Tensioner is the solution for slipping and breaking belts.  Available for both  GT500 and  2011+ Mustang GT at just $399.99 and features billet aluminum construction, 20% more tension than stock and customizable idler sizes. The stamped metal stock units have a tendency to fail under high stresses like drag racing. 

We are now an authorized calibrator and dealer for  COBB Tuning, making a huge name for themselves in the EcoBoost Mustang world.  They've already become the standard for tuning Focus and Fiesta STs.

Speaking of the EcoBoost Mustang, svtperformance.com did a great feature on our 2015 EgoBoost Project car.  It features more new offerings from VMP like the intercooler and turbo upgrades from quality partners like  Levels Performance and  FFTec.  Our car is already running 11's at over 117mph and getting 31mpg on the way home!  


HP Tuners N-Gauge is another great addition to the VMP lineup.  Available now in 4 different configurations from simple gauge mode to an all-in-one device for tuning, datalogging and monitoring performance.  Check it out  here.  Available as an option with all VMP supercharger & performance packages.  

JMS Racing Wheels are a great blend of value, performance and awesome styling and yes, VMP has them ready to roll.  How about a new set of "bigs and littles" for next racing season?  Check out the new Avenger featured on our 2015 GT. 

Check out our 2016 Event Schedule to see if the VMP HP Tuners Mobile Dynojet will be at a track or show near you!  The dyno trailer is fully stocked with N-gauges, VMP blowers, pulleys, Brisk plugs, and best of all VMP Custom Tuning!

A reminder-

  If you'd like to be a  VMP VIP just send us an email with a picture of your ride sporting VMP goodies.  Hey, it can be just a tune (for you stealthy types).  Send it to bj@vmptuning.com and include the stats for you and your car! Remember, each month we pick a winner for that VMP Gift Certificate. 

*some items excluded in sale, contact us for details.

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