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Apple Valley Airshow a Success!
The 18th Annual Apple Valley Airshow and Car Event held Saturday, October 12th, was a hit!

Thank you to all who joined us and a special thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped make this a success.

Please visit the Apple Valley Airshow Facebook page for highlights, pictures and videos of the event.

We look forward to next Fall's event!
Pictured above is the Boise BLM Helitack, and to the right is their fuel truck and support vehicles.
Thank you for visiting and
 keep up the good work!
Blackhawk Firefighters
Boise BLM Helitack along with a group of Idaho firefighters stopped in at APV in September.

The group flies a Blackhawk helicopter that seats 12 along with two pilots, to provide firefighting support throughout the country.

This year, the group assisted by supplying 23,000 gallons of water in combatting fires in 10 different states.
B-29 Superfortress "Doc" Visits CNO
Doc is a B-29 Superfortress built and utilized in WWII efforts. After the war, Doc was used in multiple non-combat roles in the Mojave, then was largely forgotten. It was rediscovered in 1987, and since then volunteers and organizations have worked diligently to save and restore it. For more on Doc's adventures, follow Doc's Friends .
Nearly 20 years since last visiting California, Doc was hosted by CNO's Flying Tigers Aviation and Planes of Fame Air Museum. For a few days in September, participants had the opportunity to take ground and flight deck tours as well as go for a ride. Doc's ride locations and tour dates for 2020 will be announced in December.
Welcome to APV, Stephen!
Hi! My name is Stephen Hackney and I'm your new APV Airport Manager. I grew up, attended school, and learned to fly, right here, in the High Desert. I have lived here most of my life, as has my wife and now, our kids and grandkids live here, too. I have a Bachelor’s degree in business and 13 years of business management experience, including the aviation field, and I am involved with the  Apple Valley EAA .

My goal as Manager of Apple Valley Airport is to support and to serve local pilots, our High Desert community and aviation related business. I can’t think of many things more beneficial to aviation and to our community than a symbiotic relationship between pilots, our local airport, and local residents.  

I am always willing to listen and hear your suggestions, as I hope to encourage relationships and partnerships that will benefit our airport and community as we continue to grow together, so please don’t hesitate to call, email or stop by to say hello!
The New Aviator Cafe at APV
A note from your new APV Cafe:

Some of you will remember us from our first restaurant in Lucerne Valley,  Pop’s & Pam’s . or our current restaurant at the Hesperia Airport, The Aviator Cafe . We take pride in our product, customer service, cleanliness, and the fact that we always made your family, our family.
When the café at the airport became available, we jumped at the opportunity. It's a great location with lots of character and history. After circling our wagons, getting lots of help from family and friends, we finally opened The Aviator Café and Bar at Apple Valley Airport. 
We are excited to announce our grand opening on Saturday, November 2 nd  at 6am.
Let us make your family, our family. We want you to feel at home, with great food in a cozy setting. Get to know us, share your stories with us, and most importantly, enjoy!

We look forward to building new friendships in Apple Valley!
The Spagnuolo family
DiLullo to join industry experts to find a way to alleviate the pilot shortage in the U.S.

CHINO, Calif.  – Threshold Aviation Group recently announced that their Founder and CEO has been selected as a representative of the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee’s (ARAC) Designated Pilot Examiner Reform Working Group. 

Earlier this year the FAA assigned ARAC to review all regulations and policies related to designated pilot examiners appointed under section 183.23 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations. The working group will focus on the processes and requirements by which the FAA selects, trains, and deploys individuals as designated pilot examiners, and provide recommendations with respect to the regulatory and policy changes necessary to ensure an adequate number of designated pilot examiners are deployed and available to perform their duties. The final recommendation report is due to the ARAC in 2020.

“I am extremely honored to have been chosen for this working group,” said Mark DiLullo Founder and CEO of Threshold Aviation Group. “The aviation industry is growing exponentially and making sure that we have the best trained pilots to serve our industry is paramount. It’s something I'm proud to be a part of.”

DiLullo has been distinguished for 30 years in the aviation industry with several unique and prestigious assignments held by few. He served as the NASA Chief Pilot for the High Ice Water Content (“HIWC”) Scientific Research Project where his responsibilities included the oversight of extensive modifications to a Gulfstream G-II Research Aircraft. Additionally, he was responsible for the crew’s training and mission readiness exercises.

He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certification with Type Ratings in thirty different model aircraft, including Boeing B747-4, B747-8, Gulfstream - G-650, G-550, G-V, G-IV, G-1159, G-100 and Bombardier - CL-600, Falcon 900 to name a few. Mr. DiLullo has served as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner since 2002 and has issued more than 2,500 Pilot Certificates.

Threshold Aviation Group has 130 employees, including pilots, maintenance technicians, interior upholstery and woodshop artisans as well as line service and support personnel. Threshold Aviation Group features complete jet services, including engine and mechanical repair, an interior shop, woodworking shop and Fixed Based Operation (“FBO”), at the Chino and Auburn, California airports as well as worldwide flight and charter operations.
CNO : The Chino Airport mailroom has been relocated from building A-305 to A-550. Letters will be sent out notifying all mailroom key holders of the process for picking up new keys. The mailing address will remain the same.

CNO : Chino Airport will be transitioning to a new phone system and Administration will be issued new phone numbers. We will provide an update once we have it. Please stay tuned...

All Airports Reminder : For safety and policy reasons, dogs must remain on a leash at all times , while on any airport property.

Questions? Call 909-387-8810 or email admin@airports.sbcounty.gov .
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