Make Portuguese Count™ Crowdfunding

Dear Members and Friends,

Thanksgiving reminds us that we have much for which to be thankful, 
and that we need to take the time to express that thanks and appreciation to those who have touched our lives in so many ways.  
Here at PALCUS, we recognize that we would not exist without the support of our members and the  community at large.  And so, we would like to thank you.

Thank you to our members at every level for joining us.

Thank you to our sponsors for enabling us to hold important events such as
the Annual Leadership Awards Gala and Congressional Reception.

Thank you to all our partners with whom we work on various programs.

Thank you to our Make Portuguese Count™ Captains, Affiliated Organizations and all who have donated, for their contribution towards a national effort to make sure we all count in the 2020 Census!

Thank you to everyone who liked or shared one of our posts on 
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Thank you to everyone who listened to our podcasts 
and watched our webinars.

Thank you to everyone who sent us a message with 
your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you to everyone who completed the PALCUS Index National Survey

Thank you to the Ambassador of Portugal and his entire staff for your continued collaboration and support.

Thank you to all the Consuls, Honorary Consuls, and Conselheiros das Communidades Portuguesas for your collaboration and support.

Our appreciation for all of you is immeasurable, and we
look forward to more successful collaborations in the future.

We are thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may you all have a wonderful holiday 
celebrating with the love of family and friends.


Angela Simões, Chairwoman

Board of Directors:
Katherine Soares (NY)
Anabela DaCruz-Mello (NJ)
Paul do Forno (OH)
Fernando Rosa (CT)
Cynthia Russo (NJ)
Daniel da Ponte (RI)
Diniz Borges (CA)
John Bento (CA)
Gloria Sousa FL)
Laurinda Clemente (VA)
Lisa Morris (MA)
Marie Fraley (RI)
Manuel Geraldo, Sr. (MD)
Manuel Geraldo II (DC)