Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season

I am going to call this a crazy day and share with you a mind bending thought
#1 Have you read anything on the Internet about the Mandela Effect? It is named after the late Mandela because there was a confusion in memory about when he actually died. It is being blamed on the idea that the government/scientists are messing with time and certain memories are being erased or altered. Now, the whole idea may be a crazy hoax, but a couple of things caught my attention. The first one is this...I was raised in a religion. I have said the Our Father prayer more times than I could possibly ever count and always said the one line "and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". Does anyone else every remember it this way? Well, it never was that way, not in the Bible...no where. There are about 50 examples and, as I said, it could all be a wild hoax, but it is certainly interesting. Now, what was I saying?...just kidding.

November, here in Ohio, has started out cold and wet. Every year we all read the predictions for the coming winter and examine the color of the caterpillars and number of nuts on the tree. I have a feeling that Mother Nature and all our ancestors must be rolling on the floor laughing at our attempts to predict. I read once that an old West Virginian just said, "Put a rock outside and then look at it later. Whatever is on the rock...well, that's the weather." LOL

This is the month I usually get my new appointment book for the coming year. I am a little disappointed this year since the one I got in 2018 is an 18 month one...so no shiny brand new book this year, but the pages for 2019 are pristine and give promise that the coming year holds surprises and transformation. I am wishing the same for all of you.

I want to leave you with one personal thought. Everyone is psychic and intuitive, please, please trust that.

I go to the doctor when I "feel" something is amiss with my body. I consult someone who will use their knowledge and expertise to reach a diagnosis. I will in some way"know" if it feels right. The same goes for seeking help from a professional psychic....honor what feels "right" and discard the rest.

You and your Higher Self knows what is best for you. There is no cookie cutter plan to be spiritual or psychic...be authentic and true to yourself.
I am forever honored to have been a part of that process.

November 17 & 18
Victory of Light Expo
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ellen will be at booth 203
I'd like to recommend two books, written by friends of mine...

Ghosts In The Valley, The Return
by Gary Felumlee

Code Red: White, and Blue: A Revolutionary Solution to Saving America's Healthcare System by: Shary Connella

Both books can be purchase on Amazon
Thank you to those that have served our country!