Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season
We wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are to have friends and family like you. We at Human Capital Advisors wishes you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.
A Thanksgiving Message from our CEO, Dave Baker:
STOP!!! Don’t you mean it’s the day before Black Friday. No, wait! It’s Black Friday on Tuesday, It’s Black Friday the first week of November. My dentist is having a Black Friday event – two root canals for the price of one – and I get a free toothbrush with a travel size toothpaste too!
Thanks. Have you heard that from anyone? Better yet, reverse that question. Who have you thanked – truthfully, honestly, and with great sincerity, who have you stopped for a moment and said to another person – especially those that mean so much to you – Thanks! I’m sure I’m not the first but let me say Thank You!
With all of the hustle and excitement of our lives, compounded with the schedule of the holidays, doesn’t it feel really good to hear that one word. Thanks. It’s a gesture of gratitude towards another. Here’s something to be thankful for:
Your health – if you don’t take care of yourself no one else is going to – just saying – perhaps that should be a high priority. Ask anyone who has had a very serious health scare. Not much else matters when that’s on your mind. Been there, done that.
Your family – most of them anyway. We all have an "interesting" cousin or some aunt or uncle who is just a little left of center. It’s ok – they mean well (my mom used to say that all the time – she was more forgiving than most). I’m so incredibly grateful for mine. My incredible wife, our kids and their spouses, our 7 munchkins, my sisters and their families and my brother-in-laws and their families. I’m blessed. Truth is I’m just a little more thankful for the munchkins – they really brighten me and my wife’s days in ways we could have never imagined – never! I am blessed to be surrounded by an exceptional family who surprise me everyday with things that they do for others. I am thankful for them. Most of them are other people centered. They provide a balance in a ‘me first’ centered world.
Your friends – not acquaintances – I’m talking about the ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – ‘I’m going to go help George’ kind of friends. That takes a lot of work keeping up with good friends and letting them know how much you care. Can you steal an hour out of the four days of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and either e-mail or call your best friends and say – Happy Thanksgiving – I was thinking of you! It will probably make you feel better than your friend, but your friend is really going to be touched that you thought of them.
Your co-workers. Most of us work with people we’ve gotten to be very close with, after all most of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family and friends. Aren’t there certain folks that you just gravitate towards. Not a lot of drama. Focused. Honest. Fun. I guess it’s why one of the biggest trends in recruiting today is candidates exploring all social media researching the honest question – what’s it like to work there – so much so that we’ve been asked to create a Glassdoor Strategy for several of our clients. Employers create two cultures more or less - a healthy environment or a toxic one. That all depends on the leaders at the top. Culture runs downhill. You want to find the root cause of a toxic workforce – look up the tree – it won’t be hard to find. Sometimes you need to prune the grape vine in order to order to insure a positive harvest.
Your company. Not a lot of employees these days are thankful for their employers. But, most employers are really trying to do right by their employees. Some are not, they are purely bottom line driven – at all costs. I get it. But most are worried about their employees and most are trying diligently these days to take care of them. I’m reminded of Mr. Fezziwig in Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer didn’t get it but Mr. Fezziwig did.  I guess in an EXTREMELY competitive employment market you have to be. Today there are almost two jobs out there for every employee. Share the wealth – better yet – share the care – the employees will use that barometer more than you will ever know.
Your faith. It’s not politically correct to talk about faith I know, especially in a world where there is more secularism than faith. And most faiths haven’t helped themselves much - mostly through poor hiring practices. If you’re going to hire someone who is going to lead your members (aka customers) you should probably use really, really good screening practices. That includes those people who you’ve promoted. You could say something like this – and it would be true – they did it to themselves. But that’s not a good enough reason to me to stop having my faith. Organizations are delicate eco-systems that are driven by mostly good but sometimes bad leaders. I’m going to look for the good leaders and look for their insight and inspiration. Those others, ah, not so much. There’s something fundamentally different about someone with a strong faith as their foundation. The ones I know make a little difference every day, that after enough days make a huge difference. Just ask Fred Rogers – he lived it every day. Thank you – was that a sneeze?  God Bless you!!!
Blessings to you and everyone you hold dear for an exceptional Thanksgiving Holiday!
I wish you well,