Happy Thanksgiving
November 24, 2020

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So Much to be Thankful For!
I mean, this year... this time... this moment. It could not demand more of us, but dig a little deeper and there are so many actions - small and large - that touch us deeply and so very much to be thankful for. And what better time than Thanksgiving Week to take a beat and acknowledge the kindness and grace we experience daily here, and express our heartfelt gratitude. 

The week is short, but our list of things to be thankful for is lengthy!

Teaching and Learning at a distance and/or with limited in-person time has demanded so much of our Mill Falls Community. The rising presence of COVID in our town and state has caused us to recalculate not what we are thankful for, but how we get to express it. 

From our hardworking students and their wonderfully supportive families, to our creative, nurturing and talented teachers and staff, to our School & Foundation Boards, our hardworking volunteers, our funders and program partners....

We are so thankful for all that you do for us and each other, every single day! 

Since last spring, when we were first faced with the impact of the COVID pandemic, our School Community has shown its strength and tenacity. We have worked hard together, learning as we travel through uncharted waters, all in support of our children. This hasn't been easy on anyone in our community, but as hard as the challenges have been, our community has met them with grit, humor, and enormous amounts of generosity of time, energy and wisdom. 

* * * 

This year's holiday season certainly will look different from past years. Here at school, we are missing our usual seasonal events that involve shared meals and snacks together, but our staff have still infused the week with fun projects and time to reflect on the good, even during these difficult times. 

In the Yosemite Room, our Kinders played Fall Bingo using the bingo cards sent home last week in packets. This engaging reading lesson was filled with laughter and light and apparently many winners! It also provided an opportunity for the class to talk about being a good sport and a good friend, even when engaging in competition.

Our Lower Elementary Students created many projects around gratitude including their Thankful Turkeys. Students arrived at their list of gratitudes independently, making it all the more meaningful. Each class meeting will also feature time for the children to share what this holiday means to them.

In Upper Elementary they engaged in a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt - students have 1 minute to look around their home for objects or representations at home for which they are thankful and then share that with their class. For fun, some Upper Elementary Students played a Thanksgiving Escape Room game that featured clues and called up reading, cultural and history lessons (in the form of Thanksgiving trivia), and even some math! At the end of their individual 'escapes' they reported their success code and received a certificate, naming them a 'Top Notch Turkologist.'

* * *

Please be careful this extended weekend. Stay attentive to health guidelines and diligent in your care of self and others and find joy where you can! 
To everyone in our community who lends their support to our students and staff, and to our families in these trying times, we say a simple and heartfelt thank you, thank you, thank you! 

* * *

Today, we'd also like to take a moment to thank a few people who have provided significant financial donations to our programming over the last several months. Please join us in thanking Peter & Kareen Worrell and our Anonymous Supporting Family. Both of these families have committed to significant multi-year support of Mill Falls because they are so moved by the work we do and the students we serve. We are also fortune to receive multi-year support from Kanteres Real Estate, Elm GroveArthur Sullivan, Accurate Title, CornerstoneDr. Spiros & Sharon Mitsopoulos, as well as the many long-time participants in our Monthly Giving Program.

Please also help us thank Maria Law - who serves as our Foundation's Board Chair and has been in a leadership position in that organization since 2012 - as well as the entire Foundation Board - a volunteer group of citizen fundraisers. Learn more about them here. Join us in also thanking the MFCS Board of Trustees - a group of volunteer leaders - who oversee our school's governance, financial and educational work. You can learn more about this committed group by clicking here.
Please also join me in thanking all of our program partners, listed weekly in the newsletter on the left-hand side. We are so very fortunate to have members of the greater NH community to believe in our work and in our mission and make sure to include us on their list of giving. 

To all in our MFCS Family we say...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos: Upper Elementary Thanksgiving Feast from years previous.
Holiday Food Drive

Holiday Food Drive
Nov. 30 - Dec. 21

In these uncertain times, many across our nation are facing food insecurity at alarming rates. As part of our long-standing partnership with the NH Food Bank, we will be hosting a December Food Drive. We ask those in our community who are able to share non-perishable, healthy items, do bring them to school. We will collect them and bring them to the Food Bank before the December Break. Some food ideas include: 
        • Peanut butter
        • Canned soup
        • Canned fruit
        • Canned vegetables
        • Tuna fish
        • Canned beans
        • Pasta 
        • Rice
        • Healthy Snacks
To view the flyer for our Holiday Food Drive, please click here.
Family Directory

Mill Falls' 2020/21 Family Directory is Now Available!

The Family Directory has been shared with those who have opted in to being included. It's a great way to connect with fellow Mill Falls Families and Friends. 

If you would like to change your status and opt in, or if you are in and want to change any information or add another contact, please fill out the Change Directory Form and submit it to Jen via emailPlease click here for the Change Directory Form.

** Please note, only those who opt-in to being included in the Directory, have access to it. **

Next Tea with Laura: 12/4 @10am

Tea With Laura
Friday, December 4th @10am

Laura will explore observable elements of promoting student independence in the home.

Please RSVP to Jen at Office@millfalls.org.
Zoom information will then be shared. Thank you!

Zoom Link Troubles for Some 

We just got word this afternoon from Jen Z., our Tech Support Person, that some students have been noticing that clicking a link for a Zoom Meeting takes them to the wrong place. 

Jen is working on fixing this, but in the meantime...

If a Zoom Link takes you to the wrong place, 
there's three steps to try:
1) Double check that you have clicked on the RIGHT link.

2) Quit Out of Zoom. 
You can do this on your Chromebook by: 
Holding the "Alt" Key AND clicking on the Zoom App in the toolbar. 
Select "Close". 
Note: To make sure your Zoom App is closed completely, you must also close ALL Zoom tabs in Chrome (not just
your most recent window). 

3) Restart your Chromebook. 
This will clear out any cache or cookies that could be redirecting your Zoom links.

If you have tried all of these steps but are still experiencing Zoom link errors: 
OR techsupport@millfalls.org with your Chromebook number and we can help guide you further.

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Thank You!
 I'm Thankful For...
I'm thankful for...
Every year at our Upper Elementary Thanksgiving Feast - a shared meal held in our school's common space - each student stands up to share with their classmates what they are thankful for. 

This year, the list has been collected in different ways via Zoom and electronic lists, both from our Lower and our Upper Elementary Students. 

Here is a small taste of their deeply felt gratitudes: 
Being Alive
My Family's Health
Everything My Family Has Done for Me
Quality Time I've had with My Family During COVID
My Friends
My Teachers
My cat 
My dog
Pepperoni Pizza 
Happy Thoughts!
* * *
Below: Earlier this week our Kinder Class listened to Ms. Kristin and Ms. Kayla read Turkey Trouble by Wendi J Silvano. In the book, a turkey tries to disguise himself so that the farmer won't eat him. After the reading, the children were asked to create their own 'turkeys in disguise' using items they found around their house. 
Here are a few fun examples: 


Happy Thanksgiving!