Nov 22, 2018

A Monkey's Thanks for a
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Baby Rico says, "I am grateful to Jungle Friends for giving me monkey friends, trees, bugs and especially my dear ChiChi -- my surrogate mama since I was taken from my natural mother."
Baby Marmoset says, "Thank you to Peaceable Primate Sanctuary, Primate Rescue Center and Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary for their combined efforts to get me to my forever home in Muchkinland!"
Charlie Girl says, "Wow, I am so happy with my new monkey friend Wanda! Thank you Ken, with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, for bringing me to Jungle Friends to have a real monkey life!"
Monk Monk says, "I am filled with gratitude! I lived in a small bird cage amid hundreds of cats and dogs for so long, and now I live with my best friend Charlotte! We may have a new friend in Madison -- stay tuned!"
Riot says, "Shhhhh, this is top secret stuff! Myself and 25 other squirrel monkey friends of mine are out of the lab and living at Jungle Friends! Soon you will learn all about our amazing journey."
Because of YOU, our loyal supporters, the monkeys at Jungle Friends have much to be grateful for!

Lots of monkey love!
From all of the monkeys  
and all of the humans 
at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!
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