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Winter Finch Irruption
By – Dan Ziomek
Every year a man named Ron Pittoway in Ontario puts out his predictions on what birds such as Pine Siskins, Redpolls and Pine Grosbeaks will do during the winter ahead. He bases these predictions on the availability of the food these birds depend on to survive harsh Canadian winters. Many bird seed companies and some retailers base their purchasing of products, at least in part, on what this man says. This year he is predicting a major irruption of winter finches into New England due to scarce Mountain Ash and cone crops in northern Canada.
           What does all this mean for home birdfeeders? It means we should stock up on Thistle seed and Black Oil Sunflower seed. Most of these birds headed our way have small, thin bills designed for opening Birch catkins and Hemlock cones. Therefore, Thistle seed or Finch mix is the way to go for them. Remember these birds often travel in large flocks so be prepared to put up multiple feeders filled with their favorite seed.
Pine Grosbeaks will also be in the area. Provide these large-billed birds Black Oil Sunflower and a platform feeder to keep them happy. Ron has also predicted that we will see an uptick in Red-breasted Nuthatches, Blue Jays and Purple Finches as well.
For me, this sounds like a very exciting winter to be feeding the birds. I have already witnessed higher numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatches and have heard numerous Purple Finches. We have received many reports of Pine Siskins coming to feeders in the area as well. So get those feeders cleaned and filled with the tasty treats (Thistle and Sunflower) these irruptive Winter Finches can’t resist!
Winter Protection for Plants
Plants need winter protection, just like people.
Yes, winter is on it's way. That means we need to think about protecting our trees and shrubs. Broad leafed evergreens such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas are especially susceptible to winter injury. The best protection for these plants is to wrap them with burlap to prevent the harsh winds and sun from damaging the plants. Wilt-Pruf, an anti-transpirant spray can guard against moisture loss but remember that this product breaks down in the sun and needs to be reapplied in January and February. 

In addition, vole damage has been severe the last few years on trees and shrubs. Wrapping tree trunks with plastic collars and using repellent such as Vole Bloc can help reduce the damage from these rodents. Winter injury of trees and shrubs is hard to predict but taking preventive measures now will help reduce your plant replacement costs in the spring. We can help.
Join CISA on November 18
We are so excited for November 18!  

Farmers, chefs, and neighbors from throughout the Pioneer Valley will take to the stage at the Academy of Music in Northampton to share their stories at  Field Notes: An Afternoon of Storytelling .

Farmers, chefs, and neighbors from throughout the Pioneer Valley will take to the stage to share their stories at Field Notes: An Afternoon of Storytelling. Join CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) in celebrating the Local Heroes who make our thriving local food community tick! Expect everything from the tragic to the hilarious as we journey through the fields and kitchens of the Pioneer Valley. Join us and discover how local food has shaped the lives of the Pioneer Valley community in ways big and small.

November is the month to:
  • Finish all fall clean up chores and especially leaf raking, as it helps against bugs and diseases 
  • Cut Asparagus fronds after the frost, as they may harbor pests. Adding lime is good this time of year for these 
  • Put several inches of soil over Parsnips, Garlic, Shallots and Strawberries 
  • Sharpen and oil those tools for spring 
  • Christmas Cactus need even amounts of darkness and light until their buds form. They also love consistently cool temperatures 
Message from Tom and Janine
We are in a transition time of year right now. Not quite fall but not quite holiday yet either. We have some great plants still in our nursery yard at 50% off. Our bulb selection is still terrific and there is still plenty of time to plant. Remember as long as you can dig the ground you can plant! We are starting to think holidays as we already have our living trees in the yard. A nice selection of varieties and sizes. And don't forget to stock up on quality bird seed and other items through November 12th. Hope to see you in the store soon.

We are thankful especially at this time of year, for our family, friends and customers. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Tom and Janine Giles and the entire staff at Hadley Garden Center
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