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Happy Thanksgiving 2019
Restoring Hope Family Thanksgiving
On behalf of our Restoring Hope family, we would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  May this week be a festive time of gatherings, loved ones, great food and for all of us to celebrate the many reasons we all have to be thankful for. 
Just the other day, we celebrated the truly miraculous return home of one of our long-term guests who battled each and every day for his life and now incredibly will be able to sit at his own table for a turkey dinner.  That same day, we also learned of the sad passing of another amazing friend whose family stayed here 60 plus times during her battle with cancer.  She was so loved by everyone that passed through our doors and will be such a huge loss for us all.  In both extreme cases, though, those families have taught us so many valuable lessons in what it truly means to be thankful for the moments we shared.  As we gather for dinner on Thursday, they will be at the front of our thoughts as will so many of the families that have called Restoring Hope home this year.    
Last year, we had transplant families here from 6 different states over Thanksgiving.  Away from home, loved ones and traditional gatherings, we always work hard to celebrate the holidays together with a great feast and festive atmosphere that always feels just like home!  We invite all guests that are staying with us on Thanksgiving to join us again this year for a great day of giving thanks!
Restoring Hope Transplant House In The News!
Happy 2 Year Kidney Transplantiversary Dave
We appreciate Fox 47 and Michelle Carolla for recently filming a news segment on Restoring Hope Transplant House and for their heartfelt interest in the transplant families that pass through our doors.  We are are also so grateful to the Thomas family for always being such amazing spokespeople for the house from the many times they have shared this home over the years following their own transplant.  We were fortunate enough to celebrate Dave's two year kidney transplant anniversary on the day of filming!

Fox 47 News Story on RHTH - WATCH ONLINE!
Kidney Recipient and Packers Star John Brockington Visits Restoring Hope
We really appreciate our kidney transplant friend John Brockington stopping by Restoring Hope Transplant House with his donor wife Diane while they were in Madison recently.  John, as many of you Wisconsinites know, starred for the Green Bay Packers in the 70's. He was kind enough to even film the following video message.  We are so grateful for all John and Diane do to support the transplant community!
Lions Club Guests Holiday Miracle: Home For Thanksgiving
After 2 months in the hospital, our dear Lions Club friends from Caroline, WI were finally cleared to head home this week.  What a special Thanksgiving it will be for all of their family and friends.  They showed up two months ago as strangers and have left us as friends for life.  We could not possibly be more proud and grateful to all the incredible families that shared this home with them over that long and stressful stretch. To see them be so completely embraced and loved when they needed it the most really embodied the beautiful spirit of Restoring Hope Transplant House and all that makes this place so special!  
Tomah Family Enjoys Gift From Tomah Lions
With one of our favorite upstairs living room couches showing signs of wear and tear, our friends with the Tomah Lions Club were kind enough to step up and donate a beautiful new replacement.  A week later, we had the good fortune to host a wonderful family from Tomah.  They were so moved to hear that their community had been so supportive of the home that has been so supportive of them during a very difficult time!  We are so grateful to be embraced by so many incredible people throughout Wisconsin and beyond that recognize that while Restoring Hope Transplant House may not be located in their community, that it is a life-changing house that serves their community.  Thank you all!

As with any non-profit, these next couple months of year end giving are the most crucial ones for our long-term success.  These are the months that keep these doors open on an annual basis with your generous support.  The miracles and gifts of life you see on a monthly basis, the lifelong friendships that happen under this roof and the loving memories of those we shared a journey with are your gifts to the transplant community.  But make no mistake, the $45 per night we charge our families in need that includes a home cooked breakfast for all each morning is nowhere near enough to offset our costly operating expenses.   
If this house has been a blessing to you and your family throughout your journey or the stories of our families have touched your heart and soul, please make a secure online donation today via PayPal or mail today.  Together, we have the resources and compassion to sustain this house for many years to come, but we need your collective financial support to further our mission.  We appreciate your friendship and generosity and would also love to hear your stories, Restoring Hope memories and updates!
Please send mail to:
Restoring Hope Transplant House
7457 Terrace Avenue
Middleton, WI 53562
November In Photos
The other night we sat down for dinner and realized we had guests from 7 different states represented including our first guest ever from Oklahoma.  We are now up to 43 different states from which we have hosted a transplant family.  
Join the Bone Marrow Registry
What a wonderful surprise recently to head to our neighborhood Middleton Culver's restaurant for dinner to find the very same UW nursing staff from up on the B6/6 cancer transplant floor that helped get our family through leukemia in 2018.  They were raising awareness and funds for a truly great cause.  It was so wonderful to see them again! 
We encourage you all to learn more about joining the bone marrow registry to help give life to so many of our dear families in need.
Organ Donation Saves Lives - Become An Organ Donor Today!
A pancreas transplant helped to give Liz her life back after dealing with so many of the lifelong struggles she had endured with type 1 diabetes.  It was great to see her at the hospital recently as we were making the rounds to visit our current guests.

Please take a moment to learn more about organ donation and how you can register to become an organ donor in your state.  A few moments of your time could one day save several lives, like they did this summer when the Rominski family received their much needed heart transplant here at UW Hospital.  Happy to see them back this week for a checkup!.
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Restoring Hope Transplant House is a non-profit home established to serve organ and bone marrow transplant patients and their families. The home features six generously-sized guest rooms, multiple sitting rooms, full kitchen, laundry, cable tv, wi-fi and a tranquil yet convenient location in downtown Middleton, just five miles from UW Hospital.

If you have any questions about RHTH, please contact Cindy to learn more.