Happy Thanksgiving!
Living in America there is much for which to be thankful. We just returned this past week from a full schedule of schools in Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN. The weather was blustery and cold, with much snow on the ground, but the people, both adults and students, were so very warm and welcoming in each of the seven schools visited. My deepest appreciation to Beth Vetter and Jake Wesolosk for arranging and coordinating our schedule.

I want to share with you a newsletter received just this morning from Valley Middle School, Grand Forks, where Todd Selk is Principal. When I read the comments expressed by the students, I just knew that I have to continue my mission of reaching as many young adults as possible, while there is still time to do so.

Yes, it is a heavy schedule, but with Nathaniel at my side, we keep running as fast as we can.

And in addition to being thankful on this important day, I am also so very grateful that schools throughout America open its doors to us to allow me to not only share my Holocaust story, but also universal messages that we are all so familiar with, but sometimes need to be reminded of:
  • A need for respect and tolerance towards one another, regardless of the religious belief, color of skin, or national origin
  • To never follow a leader blindly
  • To never generalize and judge an entire group by the actions of some within that group
  • To be kind, respectful and tolerant towards one another
With that said, Nathaniel and I wish you and your loved ones a meaningful and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Hugs, Marion

Marion Blumenthal Lazan
Four Perfect Pebbles
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