We wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
Every year, this holiday reminds us of our gratitude for loved ones and community. This year, it is especially important to protect what we love.

Your kindness and support gave us the momentum to adapt to uncertainty in 2020. We continued to put health in the forefront and advanced our programs, staff and mission. Thank you for being a part of our work through your donations, volunteerism and speaker requests.

Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving, encourages individuals to support a cause they believe in. Help care for your local community by keeping PSR PA in mind during this charitable season.
Established in 1979, our mission is to promote social responsibility by
protecting health, the environment and communities through education, training, direct service, and advocacy.
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When living in uncertain times - think of what you care about most, and be certain to honor that with every act you do.
- Celeen Miller, PSR PA Director of Finance and Development